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  1. I was reading in the comment section of a youtube video, that the 7D will out perform the 5d mark II in shooting video. Is this true? Does the 7d out perform the 5dII in any other areas?
  2. lol...the music track is perfect for this clip
  3. Hey Wags, The flash player is working fine on my browser. I just watched a couple vids and going back to watch some more. I am on a mac. What kind of work did Teneeka do while doing work experience with you?
  4. Ocean Images makes a housing for the xm2.... www.oceanimagesinc.com
  5. Hi Guys, Due to thieves targeting pelican cases...I was wondering if anyone can suggest a alternative for a pelican case? Cheers Nathan
  6. Hi Wags, Your footage is PHENOMENAL Did you use a tripod for your static shots? Cheers Nathan.
  7. Hi Wagsy, Im interested in the general letter of intent. Could you please post an example of the letter Thanks, Nathan.
  8. The Canon Elura 90 does not perform well in low light...If you are after a camera with a 20x optical zoom, you should take a look at the Canon GL2. It is a 3 chip camera and ikelite make housing for this camera. There a few of them advertised on ebay at the moment. Good luck with your search. Nathan.
  9. Hi Steve, Congrats on getting your footage on the History channel... Did you realise it will air on the number of the beast, 6/6/06? Did you find out how they got hold of your footage?...How much does the history channel pay per second? I hope the show airs in Australia. look foward to seeing your work. Nathan.
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