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  1. Yes pretty much set the lens up before the dive. I enjoy using lenses which have a certain look to them and since we are all on a budget I found myself wondering if this ultra-wide (weitwinkel) lens from Voigtländer would work. I find the dome port guides of housing manufacturers rather limited and since I wanted to buy this lens for general use, the question was does it work underwater. Answer apparently yes, but with added cost/time for the gears to operate aperture and focus.

  2. So just an update on the Voigtländer ultra-wide (weitwinkel) lenses 10,12 & 15mm Heliar. I contacted Subal and they say these work well underwater and they have made a couple lens ports to accommodate these lenses. One has to send them the lens and it normally takes 3 working days, if you want the full manual experience. Theoretically these lenses can just be preset to the aperture required and pretty much everything close to infinity is in focus.

    The Zeiss Batis 18mm f2.8 also seems to be a great choice for a AF prime lens.

  3. Hi,

    This is an interesting thread, as I am also looking at the SONY alpha 7r iii to become my next camera. I was looking at some recommendations for glass and stumbled over the Voigtländer brand and their e-mount options for shooting above water. Exceptional manual lenses apparently. I understand that manual lenses aren't as popular in the water, as AF glass, but could these work? I can't find any reference on the internet. I was looking at the following lenses to get for topside shooting . Could they work in a housing for underwater or are they less than ideal?


    Voigtländer e-mount 12mm F5.6 ultra wide (weitwinkel) Heliar aspherical III (121° angle of view), also comes in a 10mm and 15mm variant. Could these work behind a dome port? I am definatly loving these for landscapes. The F1.2 40mm also seems like a great prime lens.

  4. Howzit,


    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. My name is Max and I got into underwater photography about 6 months ago. I am currently using an Olympus TG-5 and loving it. Thinking about an upgrade to SONY mirrorless in the future. Furthermore I am a Padi instructor and enjoy teaching and learning from others.

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