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  1. I ordered the 18-200 at the beginning of April... and it still hasn't arrived! Got a call the other day to say there was a ridiculously large shortage. I don't know about the US, but everywhere I've asked in the UK is quoting months to deliver.
  2. Since I haven't been doing this for ever, let me add a "newbie" question... If you are just starting out, is it better to get the best you can afford now, or go for an intermediate setup? My thinking is that if you know that you love doing something, and that you're not going to buy everything then use it as a really expensive bookend, then buying an intermediate is a false economy, since you end up having to spend more money on an upgrade. For example, I KNOW I love photography in general, and underwater especially, so just got myself a D200, rather than a D70, on the basis that although I won't use all the functionality immediately, it gives me more to grow into. Kit
  3. So the new 105 improves on the ease of use, but still limits you in what you can take photos of, especially with a D200 (or any cropped sensor camera)? General consensus does seem to be get both... starting to see why this is such an expensive hobby!
  4. Thanks for the input! I guess eventually I'll end up with both , but for now I'll look to the 60mm. Kit
  5. I used to dive a lot in Sydney: there's a good site there for Weedies called Magic Point. There are some Grey Nurse Sharks there too. Pretty cool if anyone gets the chance. Kit
  6. Hey all, I'm in the process of upgrading from PnS (Canon IXUS 400... very basic!!) to DSLR: I got a little over excited and got a D200 but am now wondering which is best choice of macro lens to be starting out with. Can someone give me a quick pros/cons of 60mm vs 105mm? Cheers, Kit
  7. You can get a good idea of how a fish database should be done by checking out www.fishbase.org - Some may find it a little too science-oriented, but it's an awesome resource.
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