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  1. Hello, I have looking at the combo for some time. May I know if anyone can share some related experience ? which lens will provide better image quality at 16mm end when used with the combo ?
  2. A630 looks good to me even before taking the price factor into consideration
  3. thanks for the info. Regarding manual flash control, I can handle changes in ISO and aperture but not distance. How do you guys do it by the way ? increasing the flash output by one stop for every 1.4 times increase in distance ..... just can't handle the arithmetic especially under water.
  4. Anyone has experience on this combo ? will it work ? I cannot handle manual and external auto doesn’t work with the diffuser installed.
  5. I am in exactly the same decision making process and my thinking is : 20D : deeper DoF for macro ( my favourite ), less choices of housing 5D : shallower DoF for macro but more choices of housing ( Sea & Sea looks great to me ) Here are some of my macro works on land : I know absolutely nothing about underwater macro so I wonder if the DoF is as much an issue as on land. Any advices will be appreciated.
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