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  1. Zen DP230 optical glass dome port - Sea&Sea mount (can be changed to Nauticam) - Zen and Sea&Sea neoprene covers - some scratches on the hoods but glass is clean - comes with Cinebags case $500 plus shipping
  2. Will sell for $3,500 without the 90mm, Extension Ring 46 w/ Focus Knob, and Sea&Sea DX Macro Port 52. Buyer pays for shipping.
  3. Sea&Sea MDX-A7II (fits both A7SII and A7RII) Sea&Sea Optical YS converter Sony hotshoe adaptor Athena DP170 glass dome Sea&Sea ML-NX converter Sea&Sea Extension Ring 46 w/ Focus Knob Sea&Sea DX Macro Port 52 Sea&Sea Extension Ring 30L Sea&Sea ML Extension Ring 25 x2 Sea&Sea ML Flat Port 33 XIT404 Quad ball adapters x2 Sony A7RII camera body Sony SEL28F20 w/ SEL057FEC Fisheye converter Sony SEL90M28 Macro lens w/ focus gear Sony SEL50M28 Macro lens w/ focus gear Housing recently fully overhauled. Includes spare o-rings, manuals, stickers, and blank bulkhead (HDMI bulkhead in photo not included). Used but well cared for and maintained professionally. Never flooded. Camera and lenses all have complete boxes, pouches, and manuals from Sony. ONLY US$ 4,500 for the entire package plus shipping. I have experience shipping housings internationally via DHL in the past so I'll make sure it is packed safely and properly. Will accept PayPal. Email me: RQ.ROSALES@GMAIL.COM
  4. 360 and AR have huge potential in education. When done right, it is a great tool to transform content into a real interactive and immersive experience. Can't say the same about 3D.
  5. Thanks for sharing! Many new videographers forget to pay attention to composition (not unlike when taking pictures) when filming and end up simply tracking subjects and just panning across scenes. Having a foreground is one of the best ways to level up your footage.
  6. Hello from the Philippines! I've been diving since 2009. I'm an underwater photography enthusiast and a cinematographer by profession. Been following the forum for a long time but only now finding some time to participate. Hope to learn more from the community!
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