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  1. Hi Peter, You may find this more interesting and more creative lighting you can achieved. I have attached a fiber optics to the Sidekick ( Light & Motion). The greatest thing is that Sidekick Duo have two ligthhead, one spot and one flood. They can be switched on individual or both at the same time. So you can have a spot light effect or flooded light , or combination....or backlighting.... so much fun with that. The cost of the DIY is only US$10, a bit expensive than yours. Will have it used for filming next week at Scuba Sereya, Regards Edmond
  2. Just go out and shoot with what you have !! Have a great dive !! Regards Edmond
  3. Hi, At the GH4 housing next to the right handle, Nauticam reroute and designed a dedicate push button for ISO, trigger lever for AE-L/AF-L, and so as the WB. So basically, you don't need to remove your hand from the handle and about to full control of the camera. Regards Edmond
  4. Hi dear all, As far as I concern with Shogun now, is the battery life. I did search the Atomos forum and one of the link come up with the reply from Atomos : "The Shogun's final power draw ended up being more significant that originally expected. This is why you're getting shorter than expected battery life, and we're currently looking into ways we can solve this for current and future customers. Keep an eye out for updates. The charger should go to green-red after about 5 hours of charging. It sounds like yours is not behaving normally and I'd like to send you a replacement. Please send me your address and we'll get one out to you.". I am doing some test with the Atomos charger and 3rd party dual battery charger, see if there is any different with the battery life ended up. But it is so annoying with the low battery warning started just 15 minutes after start recording, then the battery can run for another 30-45 minutes. For land use, you simply swap another battery, but for underwater use, this is just make me mad. I just wish Nauticam can see this problem and give us a bigger battery room for NP970 to install. Lastly, I am so lucky to buy the 512G Transcend SSD, that the SSD do not run, unless you switch the Shogun on first, before you insert the master caddy. Actually this is the known issue for Shogun already, but I don't see that on their SSD check list before I brought the SSD. Wait for the update, or buy another SSD instead !!!!! Poor me. Cheers Edmond
  5. Hi, Then why not go for a resort? I stay at Papua Explorers Dive Resort for 10 days, super nice !
  6. Panasonic LUMIX DMC-FZ1000 another 4K camera in Panasonic http://www.bhphotovideo.com/explora/photography/news/unveiled-panasonic-lumix-dmc-fz1000-digital-camera
  7. The new 6" dome port is now have a manual focus knob.
  8. Hi Pete, Manual focus ??? I have the new Nauticam 6" dome port (for 7-14) , with manual focus knob, a few months ago already.
  9. Hi Pete, I use 7-14 for wide, 60mm for macro. Yes, it's Manta Sandy for most of the shots and for the Oceanic manta at the opening, I forgot the name !! Cheers Edmond
  10. I have edited my Raja Ampat dive trip video, hope you all enjoy !! Cheers Edmond
  11. Hi Pete, for your reference of my BMPCC trigger transplant to GH3 housing.
  12. Nick, And Don't forget about the "Trigger" of the right handle !!! This is a must have item for the new GH4 housing as well !! As I don't see Phoebe mentioned it, hope they add this just like the BMPCC housing. I did a transplant of the trigger from my BMPCC to GH3 housing, absolutely wonderful !!! Cheers Edmond
  13. Can you compare the Zen 170mm glassdome with Nauticam 6" dome ?? Thank you !!
  14. After grading my GH4 footage with DaVinci Resolve Lite, I have edited a short film with 1920 x 1080 resolution and posted at youtube. My experience with GH-4 is enjoy it very much. I use two lens during my trip, 7-14 for wide, 60mm for macro. In fact, I don't need much for post correcting the 4K video. But if I want to do some correcting with the MOV file, I find it is not as extensive than what I did with BMPCC ProRes file. I am sure I will buy the Shogun later in order to record 4K ProRes at lease. Not sure if Shogun can record 4K DNG file ?? Cheers Edmond
  15. Hi, My recent trip to R4 gave me a chance to shot with my 2 set of gears, the BMPCC and GH-4, both attached with MFT lens, in Nauticam housing. Only BMPCC connect with Ninja 2 for field recording in ProRes file, as GH-4 do not support Ninja 2 with 4K setting at GH-4. My experience with BMPCC is minimal before the dive, and I found it is quite "user friendly" after a few dives with it. That for every shot, you need to go through 3 buttons : Start(on camera or Ninja), then focus button, then iris button (up and down as well sometime to find the right exposure). During the shot, keep you thumb at focus button ready in case you lost the focus. The Nauticam battery tray for BMPCC do provide an additional power that can last for 2 dives. But do check the % at the begining of the dives and don't forget to power down the camera when not in use. The BMPCC will use the power from the Nauticam battery tray first, so when it show 100% in the screen, it is the % at BMPCC battery compartment, not at the external battery tray. The outter battery of the battery tray can be removed by just opening the housing, so I always change that battery in between the dive, and I don't need to remove the whole camera from the housing. For post correction, both DNG and ProRes file give me an extensive range for adjustment while using DaVinci Resolve Lite. And it is much extensive than that from GH-4 4k file. I am still learning how to manipulate both the hardware and software, hope I can do better later. Cheers Edmond
  16. Just return from R4, this is a very short video filmed with GH4 in 4K mov. Will take a few day rest and start edit the rest shortly. Cheers Edmond
  17. Just return from Raja Ampat and filmed an aerial video. Vision Plus is awesome. Cheers Edmond
  18. Reply from Atomos support: Hi Edmond, I do not have a GH4 on hand to check how to adjust the HDMI output settings, but the Ninja 2 will support 1080p30, 1080p25, 1080p24, 1080i60, 1080i50, 720p60 and 720p50. I suggest you contact Panasonic for instructions on how to change the HDMI output settings to these modes.
  19. Hi Richard, I have packed the camera as I am going tomorrow. Will try it again at the resort. Cheers Edmond
  20. Should I discard Ninja 2 and just focus on GH4 4K internal video recording ??? Please help me to figure it out. Thank you !
  21. Hi dear all, Please kindly advice me regarding these question: 1.Which 4K file format you prefer to film 4K? MP4(LPCM) or MOV ? What is the big diferent between? 2. Regarding Ninja 2 connected with GH4, Ninja 2 only support GH4 with setting as AVCHD(FHD/17M50i), to allow video signal to appear on Ninja 2 monitor. Otherthan that ,the Ninja 2 monitor just appear black, withGH4 video file format setting as MP4,MP4(LPCM),MOV, is that right? 3. I can only use Ninja 2 as a field recorder to record ProResHQ video,with GH4 video setting as AVCHD(FHD/17M50i), but with HDMI Rec Ouput , should I choose 4:2:2 8 bit, or 4:2:2 10 bit, I understand that when HDMI Rec Output set at 4:2;2 10 bit, I cannot film 4K internally at GH4. But as long as when I shoot 4K, I need to go back to menu to reset the video file format from AVCHD (which is for Ninja to function) to MOV or MP4(LPCM), then why not choose a higher bit rate output format. Any advices are really appreciated !! Cheers Edmond
  22. I am here, just busy to post you the cable,Kenny Hi pops, sorry I will try figure it out if I can post the cable to you before my trip to West Papua.
  23. Hi khill, Thank you for your order. Will post it tmr before my trip. Cheers Edmond
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