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  1. Thanks Matt. I see that you use an Ikelite housing and Inon strobes using an electrical sync cord. However I would like to use a Fantasea housing (for cost and dimensions) using an optical sync cord in S-TTL mode, as I do now with my old camera. My concern is about how many pre-flashes P5100 uses. I read somewhere that it use iTTL, but I did not understand if this implies multiple preflashes, or if iTTL refers only to the hot-shoe and not internal strobe. I also do not know if S-TTL is compatible with multiple pre-flashes. I'm quite sure that Manual and Auto modes of Inon strobes are incompatible, but maybe S-TTL is ok, since it simply mimics the camera built-in strobe. Is it possible for you to perform a test with your rig using optical cabling and S-TTL? This would be very helpfull for me. Thanks, Simone
  2. Hi all, do you know if P5100 is compatible with S-TTL function of Inon D-2000? I'm thinking to upgrade my camera, but I want to keep my strobe, without sacrificing TTL metering. Thanks, Simone
  3. Hi all, I've a problem with Inon D-2000 strobe, when used with a Coolpix 4300 camera. It seems to work fine in S-TTL mode, but if I set the strobe in Full Power Manual mode, it occasionally fails to synchronize with the camera shutter, resulting in black images. The issue occurs both on land and underwater, with the camera inside or outside the housing, and with the Fantasea fiber cable in different positions with respect to the camera strobe. Any idea of the possible reason of this issue? Maybe the internal strobe of my camera is too fast for proper functioning of the Advanced Cancel Circuit? Simone
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