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  1. Thanks Ce4, We had some unbelievable conditions the two days we were down there. 80+ ft of vis, and no current on any of the wrecks, crazy. Pete
  2. Hi All, Long time lurker, wanted to share a few of the better shots from our Key Largo trip: http://www.maager.com/gallery/v/peters_alb...uba/KeyLargo08/ Everything was taken with an Ike housed Powershot G6, single DS125 and Inon UWL-100 with dome. Enjoy! Pete
  3. Hi All, Looking to plan a trip in the beginning of March '08, would be flying out of Chicago. Have been to: Bonaire, Florida Keys, Pac Northwest/California, Hawaii (all islands) Budget would be between $5-$8k for the trip (including airfare, not including food) total for two people. Interested in palagic and reef diving, but would be interested in anything that people have been really happy with. Bonaire was our favorite so far. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey All, Ike's website shows that there are a number of wide angle lenses for the Powershot G6 housing I have. Anyone have any experience specifically with the Epoque DCL-20 and the Inon UWL-100? I was also wondering if there would be a serious problem with vignetting with these lenses and the housing. The sample shots of the G2 housing on Ike's website look very promising, but I have yet to see any with the G6 setup. Thanks! Peter
  5. I will second the Duane and the Spiegel Grove for two excellent wreck sites. I will also second the comment above for Ocean Divers. Great outfit and nice captains/DMs. They do not dive with you, and dive times were not limited. If you do dive with them go for the 2-tank morning dive, as there will be much less people on the boat then. The afternoon dive is usually to just a reef site, no wrecks. Enjoy, Key Largo is a great time! Peter
  6. Your suit manufacturer should outline their recommendations for the care of your new suit. Some manufacturers have different procedures for storing their specific suit, which may actually impact warranty work, etc. Some suggest rolling the suit for storage (USIA), however some suggest hanging it. either way will work fine, and the main cause for concern (as mentioned above) would be the zipper. Keep that guy nice and waxy and you will be just fine. Happy dry-diving! Peter
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