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  1. I've got a pair of Z240 which I don't think are getting enough use. Other than trying to get into the water more, I've been thinking whether these two flash would work on land. That got me thinking is it possible to get the Z240 hooked up with a PC sync cord on land? Does anyone have any experience? Is there an adapter that I need which will allow me to connect the Z240 to a PC sync cord?
  2. Is there any news about the strobe failures? I'm very interested in this thread because I'm currently a owner of a D200 with 2x Z240. I'm currently using the Sea and Sea housing and I'm looking for a TTL converter. I've been looking around at the heinrich external converter and the sea and sea converter. I'm still decided if it's worth getting one and which one to get. When the converter did work, did it work well with the Z240?
  3. I already have two Z240. I'm wondering if I should be getting the converter II. If the Z240 is consistently overexposing, i should be able to compensate with the dials right? So you think it's worth getting the converter?
  4. Wow, that's great technique you got there! I'll definitely have to try that out. I usually use the shutter speed to control the background and the aperture to control the subject. I find that it gives the most consistent result. But getting a blue background is definitely interesting!!! Great photos. I'll have to try this out next time! Now the only problem... Have to arrange my next dive trip!!!!!
  5. Thanks a lot!!! I'll have to borrow my friend's converter II to test this out!!! I'm looking forward to TTL underwater!!! Thanks!
  6. The power dial only seems to have OFF, STTL, LOW, AUTO, M, FULL... Do you mean STTL? Thanks heaps!!!
  7. I was just wondering, what kind of settings to you have the strobes on I have the Z240 too... Do you put the strobe on STTL? Low? Auto? Or does it automatically go into TTL mode when I have it connected to the converter? Thanks!
  8. The 105VR will fit in the old compact macro port. but they've made a DX port for the 105VR. With the old port, you won't be able to use manual focus, so if you want to use manual focus, that's not an option. With the new port DX port base and DX macro port, you'll be able to use the 105VR with manual focus and also the 60mm fits. The only complaint that i have is the manual focus ring is extremely expensive. It's much more expensive than the other focus rings. In any case, I don't think the SX extension ring makes big difference in terms of buoyancy. I have used both the NX macro port base with the port 79 and also the DX macro port base and DX macro port 50. I find the difference to be insignificant. I personally bought the DX port system. I think it works pretty well. I am reluctant to add another o-ring in the system, unless it's going to make a huge difference. I personally find my setup pretty good alright. In any case, if you really want to play around with buoyancy, I think it would be better to play around with buoyany arms rather than add another o-ring in the system. Just my 2cent. Hope this helps...
  9. Hi, I noticed that there's quite a bit of rust in my bulkhead so much so that 1 of the 2 short pins is actually crushed. The strobes seems to still work, but I think it's actually better for me to get it fixed. Does anyone know how much it cost to get my bulkhead replaced by Sea and Sea?
  10. Jens, how did you manage to use the Tokina? Which zoom gear are you using? does the one for Nikon work for Tokina as well?
  11. how accuracy is the TTL converter? Do i have to turn the converter on first and then the strobe?
  12. Has anyone tried a pair of Z240 with the type II nikon converter? Will that work? I haven't had any luck with the type I converter that I borrowed from a friend... Will changing to a type II converter help?
  13. I carry mine in a pelican. I also have another camera bag occasionally. Most airline allow an additional hand carry if you're carrying photo equipment... Pelican
  14. Craig, what mode is your z240 on? I've tried the D200 with the type I TTL converter with a pair of Z240. I haven't been able to get consistent results. I don't even get pre-flashes from the Z240. Can you tell me how you got it to work? I'm tempted to try the type II TTL converter to see if it makes a differrence... Thanks Jeremy
  15. I've been using the Sea and Sea DXD200 with the NX fisheye dome port and the Nikon 12-24 lens to shoot some w/a images for around 6 months now. I've noticed that I haven't been able to get very clear photos from the setup. The center of the images is quite sharp, but a little off centered, the image starts to blur quite a bit. Does anyone have any experience with this? When used with the 10.5 fisheye, everything's good. Also does anyone have any experience of the athena optical dome? am I going to see the same effect with the glass dome?
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