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  1. Im selling both of my YS250 strobes. I bough them brand new and have normal signs of wear but have never had any issues. They've worked great over the years. Includes: (2) YS250 Strobes (4) batteries (2) chargers $500 for both (shipping not included)
  2. Hey Rick, I do 2K for housing only (no ports), 2K for camera (with lots of extras, battery grip, 4 batts, Arca-swiss bracket), 45 viewfinder not included.
  3. They are Nikons bulkheads at the housing but I transition to Sea & Sea adapters at the strobes
  4. Hey Brandon, yeah ill be using these on my next rig. Thanks
  5. Its $3600 new and Im trying to get $2600 for it. It's in great shape and have had zero issues with the housing. Im only upgrading to a 1DS Mark II housing. I Love the ergonomics on it! Ive got some extra goodies on it like the 404 Focus knob and 2 extra ball mounts for video lights. This housing also works with the new Canon 5DSR. I might be willing to sweeten the deal for $200 more for the Inon 45 viewfinder.....
  6. Hello, Im selling my Nauticam 5D Mark 3 housing without ports (Body/Housing Only). Great shape and has about 50 dives on it. Make me a reasonable offer. PM me for information. Pics coming soon Vance
  7. I wasn't really planning on selling the 8" dome port and 100 macro port but I would be willing to package the whole thing for an even 2500. That's a steal considering the viewfinder is 1200 dollars new. package deal includes: Subal (CD5) housing (camera already sold) upgraded GS180 viewfinder 8" glass dome port 100mm flat port extra body o-rings Any shipping charges would have to be extra.
  8. I'm selling my personal Subal housing (CD5) with the upgraded GS180 viewfinder. I am the original owner and have taken very good care of it and I've never had any issues with flooding or mechanical problems. The camera has already been sold seperatly so this price is for the housing only. $1000.00 USD Pics can be sent if your interested. Email me if you have any questions: vance@islandairhvac.com
  9. I'm not sure about you but I like having alot of available light especially when doing night dives. Then again I do alot of cold water diving where you don't typically get as much available light as warmer waters. I actually use a UK Light Canon and it has tons of burn time (6 Hours) and just about the brightest thing ever (for the money). I put 2 diffuser filters on it because of it's power and bought 2 factory battery packs with it. I use it on all my dives (weather I have it on or not) and it make a wonderful night light. It is much larger than the Fisheye FIX light but then again with my housing and strobes, it's the smalles thing on my rig : ) I previously owned a Fisheye FIX light and switched to this for the simplicity of not having dual lights..... a focus light and night light. For back up my sea & sea strobes can power on if necessary to get me thru a night dive. The burn time is great on the Light Canon because you can do repetitive dives and not have to worry about changing batteries every dive. It will usually last me about 3 dives I'd say. Hopes that helps Vance
  10. Hey Surge, That's very interestiing. Have you got any pics with a 1.5 teleconverter because I'm curious to see what kind of results you had? I had that same question regarding super macro and the response I got was that it was too much macro and your DOF would be too shallow if you used more than a 100mm lens with a macro mate adapter (wet dioptre). Thanks Vance
  11. Hi, I previously owned a DC500 made by Sea-Life and it took some decent pictures. If you already have a point and shoot camera with 6 MP, this will give you similar results. It does have different modes that you can set it on and my old camera (DC500) had video as well which was a bonus. It's a very versitile camera however it can't really compare to an SLR's quality and performance. You will need at least one strobe and you can purchase a variety of detachable lenses for the kit. I currently own a DSLR and love the type of pictures it takes BUT it came with a heafty price. I intended to spend a few thousand on my "used" set up and have now trippled that amount. I also dive probably once a month so I would think that would be a determining factor as well. If your satisfied with pretty good/solid pictures then the DC600 would be your best bet. The price tag isn't nearly as expensive as going the rout of a housed DSLR. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my camera and don't regret making the purchase but if "budget" is a concern when coupled with the amount of diving, the DC600 is a pretty good choice. If your looking for drop the ability to take dead georgeous photos, then a DSLR is the way to go because you can also use it in those "other" places that you might visit. Hope that helps Vance
  12. HI, I have a Fisheye FIX Light focus light for sale. Total package is around $650 but asking $400. Items include: -Fisheye FIX Light -(2) chargers -(2) lithium batteries -(2) spare bulbs The light has been used about 10-15 dives and is in good working order. Never had any problems and it's in great shape. Unfortunately I don't have any pics but you can see what it looks like here: Pics can be sent when I get my camera back : ) http://www.backscatter.com/HostedStore.Las...hts&sop=AND Email me at: vance@islandairhvac.com ALREADY SOLD
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