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  1. Greetings all, I'm new to wetpixel but not new to diving or photography. I'm a photojournalist that has worked for seven U.S. newspapers in my career and am now working in government, photographer of course, after the implosion of the newspaper industry back in 2009 and since sent many talented folks packing from amazing, creative and enlightening jobs. As a diver, I got NAUI certified in 1978 when I was a teen and have been diving off and on ever since, but lately I've returned to diving and UW photography with more frequent diving and a better ability to go diving. It's an expensive endeavor to say the least. Currently, I'm looking for some good, used, Ikelite DS160 strobes, cables arms and basically all I need to connect it up with my Nikon D700's Ikelite housing. Reach out if you have something or know of someone looking to sell. Thanks, Glenn
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