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  1. Price drop to $800 AUD / $555 USD + Shipping This is the housing and port, get yourself a bargain.
  2. Price Drop to $890 AUD / $610 USD + Shipping
  3. Has anyone taken the (literal) plunge with the X-T3 yet? I've made the move over to Fuji recently, and it's such a capable system, but I can't find any feedback on underwater performance. Weighing up port options with Nauticam I'm kinda torn on going the N100 route (for simplicity/size), or adapting to N120 ports (for ease of resale down the line).
  4. Selling my Fantasea FA6500 underwater housing and FML Flat Port 34, designed for the Sony A6500 and A6300. Only used for a week's diving so it's in absolute MINT condition. You won't find a cleaner used example. I'm also selling a Sealife Flex-Connect dual-tray setup as well, which fits it perfectly if anyone's interested. You can check out an in depth review of the housing here: Fantasea FA6500 Housing Review Selling for $950 AUD / $650 USD + shipping Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide. Cheers, Mark
  5. Selling my Sealife Flex-Connect dual tray setup, in MINT condition (only used for a week). Includes: - 1x Flex-Connect Dual Tray - 2x Flex-Connect Grips - 4x Flex-Connect Arms - 2x Flex-Connect Arms (as-new, in-box) - 2x Flex-Connect Ball Joint Adapters It's a terrific system, fast and adaptable. I loved that I could instantly detach one of the grips from the tray, and hold it out at arms-length in order to backlight or sidelight a subject with my strobes. Lets you work so much quicker under the water. I used it with the Fantasea FA6500 housing (which I also currently have for sale with a flat port) and it fit perfectly. Would be ideal for similarly sized mirrorless housings. Selling for $375 AUD / $260 USD + shipping Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide.
  6. Selling a MINT condition Ikelite 4401.1 Fiber Optic Converter for DS Strobes. Only used for a week of diving, so it's in fantastic knick. Ikelite's spiel below: Converts the electrical bulkhead of any Ikelite DS strobe into a fiber optic port. The Fiber Optic Converter features heightened sensitivity for use with SEA&SEA or Nauticam housings with internal electrical-to-optical flash triggering devices. These devices translate the camera’s electrical signals into a series of LED flashes which are much less bright than a traditional built-in camera flash. The Fiber Optic Converter is also compatible with any system where the camera’s built-in flash can be seen by a fiber optic cord. The Fiber Optic Converter automatically configures itself for compatibility with both pre-flash and non pre-flash camera modes. No setting of small switches or confusion over number of pre-flashes. Simply turn on your strobe and take one picture to configure. This adapter is a manual exposure (non-TTL) trigger only. The strobe’s output may be adjusted using the manual power settings built into the strobe (varies by model). An individual Fiber Optic Converter and compatible cord is needed for each strobe. Use of two strobes requires two Fiber Optic Converters. The Fiber Optic Converter supports DS50, DS51, DS125, DS160 and DS161 strobes. Accepts Ikelite, SEA&SEA, and Olympus type fiber optic cords. For remote slave triggering off another flash without a cable, consider the Optical Slave Converter. This converter attaches to an Ikelite DS strobe. It is not intended to be attached to a housing and will provide no functionality if attached to an Ikelite bulkhead in a housing. Fiber Optic Cord Compatibility: • Ikelite Fiber Optic Coiled Cord # 4501 • INON Optical D Cable “Non-wireless type” L-Connector • SEA&SEA Fiber Optic Cable (L-type) # 50107 • SEA&SEA Fiber Optic Cable II # 50128 • Olympus UW Fiber Optic Cable PTCB-E02 • Nauticam Optical Fiber Cable # 26211 Nauticam to INON • Nauticam Optical Fiber Cable # 26212 Nauticam to Sea&Sea Selling for $120 AUD / $82 USD + shipping Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide.
  7. Selling my Vivid Leak Sentinel V5 (for Nauticam M16 Bulkheads). Only used for a single week of diving, so it's in fantastic, barely-used condition. You won't find a cleaner one used. This thing just takes all of the stress out of heading beneath the waves with thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of equipment. The vacuum seal let's you know that your housing is safely sealed up, and you have the bright, flashing LED indicators to warn you if anything goes awry. It just makes everything so much more relaxed. Which in-turn reduces your air consumption. Which in-turn increases your dive time! Comes with the Leak Sentinel v5 and the Vivid Sentinel manual vacuum pump. Selling for $365 AUD / $250 USD + shipping Located in Melbourne, Australia, but happy to ship worldwide. Cheers, Mark
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