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  1. Fedex also has restrictions on the shipment of lithium batteries dependent on type i.e. computer bios, power source like strobes, etc. It is best to contact your local fedex depot for appropriate forms and restrictions.
  2. Check Backscatter group, they have a nice assortment of flotation aids
  3. I might be interested in this. It all depends if I can get Friday off to travel the >10hrs to Ventura, and get approval from the bank (wife).
  4. We will be diving the Vandenberg in late March and was wondering approximately what water temp will be and whether to use 3mm or 5mm.
  5. My wife had similar problem with her L&M battery, don't know if it would work for you but make sure battery is cool. I ended up as last resort placing battery in a cold environment i.e. refrigerator and connect with charger and see if it won't eliminate the fault. It did with hers and has worked for the last 6-9 months without fault. G Of course, making sure that the connectors are clean. Good luck.
  6. Heard back from Ikelite and had me send some photos as I will need it in three weeks, they would still like to inspect it and will do so when I return.
  7. If this is a duplicate I apologize. My question/problem is that I have two Ikelite housings, one for an Olympus 8080 and the other for a Sony A700 and the housing for the Sony is showing cracks around the perimeter of the housing starting on the outside and going inwards almost like a stress crack. The Olympus housing shows no such issues. It is stored in a Pelican case when not in use with the o-ring removed and two housing pieces connected but not latched. No chemicals, detergent or otherwise, have been used on the unit and it is flushed with freshwater after use. I live in a very dry climate, but the Olympus housing shows no such cracks. It doesn't leak at this time but have to wonder for how long. An email has been sent to Ikelite but response yet. Has anyone had/seen anything like this? Unfortunately, Ikelite is the only mfr. to make a housing for the Sony.
  8. Thanks for all that replied. I tend to be on the conservative side (paying for the sins of my youth) and I tend to dive with my wife so conservative is the preferred. I would love to wait to see what's new but we are going to Cozumel next month for scubafest and need one soon. That said I am leaning towards the Suunto with the Uwatec in the background to cause indecision.
  9. On a recent trip to San Diego, my dive computer found it's way to the bottom and needing a replacement I would like to know which one(s) do you use/prefer.
  10. Voyage to the bottom of the sea, the submarine was the Seaview
  11. I have the Sony A700 as well and am pleased with the 50mmMacro and am looking at the 100mmMacro as well as the Zeiss lenses, just have to save all my aluminum cans to pay for it. I also utilize the 2.8 16mm fisheye for wide angle. This is housed in an Ikelite housing as there are few other manufacturers of housings for Sony and I already had the two DS-125 strobes. So far I'm happy with it.
  12. Thanks for the reply Eric, kinda thought so. Guess I'll go north for some abalone instead, have fun and watch out for the "sharks" in Vegas.
  13. I'm pretty new to this DEMA thing. Is it open to the public or only to people in the industry. I'm on vacation at that time and live in Vegas anyway and would like to check something like this out if possible.
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