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    RX100 IV
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    Seafrogs RX100
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    1x Scubalamp v4k 7600lm, 1x Inon S-2000
  1. I bought an Inon D2000 Type 4 Strobe from Lizard Leg, very well packed, everything is fine and the strobe is in great condition, we have had very smooth communication. He is an excellent seller to recommend.
  2. Hi, I am searching for a used housing for my RX100 IV in good condition, it doesn´t matter if it is in metal or plastic. I am living in Austria, so better will the housing be shipped within EU, but offers of other countries are welcome too. Thank you, Robigto
  3. Hi, I bought this used lens, I saw some strips on the lens, the owner meant that this is normal traces of usage, I didn´t think much and paid it. At home I have found more strips on the lens, there is foil-like things at the margin, which seem to have been dissolved. Do you think if this lens is still useable underwater? If useable, so all the used wet lens look like this? Or I have bought a defect one? Thank you, Robigto
  4. Hi, I am using the rx100 m4, now I am considering to buy a close-up lens for taking fotos of small thing. I can get a Dyron +7 from a friend for a good price, is Dyron a good company to choose? I want mainly take fotos of middle sized nudibranch, is +7 enough with rx100's 24-70mm? Thank you!
  5. I am using the v4k since a year, quite satisfied yet, no any problem, is much brighter than the sola 3800 of my buddie, and has better color for sure, CR=96! Maybe the battery could be improved, since it holds "only" 45min with 7600lm (never tried for the whole dive with this mode, just too bright), with 3800 or less mode, it holds 90min or longer. I am considering to buy the 2. one, but with better battery, the v4k pro.
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