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  1. Pig004, There is indeed one of the Aliwal's tigers who likes cameras...she ate 3 of them including a full setup with strobes. What a stomach...! You can use her taste for cameras to get close up shots. At some point a tiger came on the side and I didn't notice her... I only realize that my arm and camera was in her mouth when her nose bumbep on the 8' dome...but nothing happened, they don't like to bite, it seems they are attracted by metalic objects, probably because of the electrical's perturbations. Wagsy, what do you mean by "feet first dive"? Fred www.nektos.net
  2. Hi All, Here are some pics from my last trip to South Africa to shoot freedivers Pierre Frolla and William Winram interacting with tiger sharks. http://www.nektos.net/show_images.php?IDcat=Aliwal%20tigers Everything shot freediving and available light. Lot of fun with these sharks! Fred www.nektos.net www.futurapnea.com
  3. Hi Dave How are you doing these days? If you go for the hC3, I'd recomand you the Gates for several reasons: -it's mechanical, better for rustic people like us freedivers... -The design with the open monitor on the side of the housing is great because you can "aim" at what you shoot without being enoyed by the monitor in front of you. You can "aim" at your subject and use "one eye in the corner" to check the frame and focus from time to time and still being able to look around to see the scenery. Very convenient. -Also, the big problem with small cameras like HC series etc, it's the stability while shooting. The shape of the Gates housing and the distance between the handles will help to gain some stability. I've been shooting a lot with the HC3 in the Gates and it's an ok setup even though I prefer bigger cam and housing for their stability. Hope this help. Maybe I'll see you in Dean's Blue hole in march? On my side I'm off to play with the great whites in SA next monday. Ciao Fred www.nektos.net
  4. Nick, You can improve your freediving skills quite quickly if you get the proper training. Try to be carefull of TV programs and what they say about freediving: they need to sell.... Diving with no air in your lungs won't provide you to blackout at all and if you balckout with no air in your lungs, you'll inhale the whole ocean... I advice you to take a freediving course, in 3 or 4 days you'll be able to learn some very usefull techiques to improve your breathhold abilities in a safe way. Have a look at www.aidainternational.org, it's the world governing body for freediving. They have instructors, look in the list for someone near you. In the post before, FIT was mentioned, it's run by Martin Stepanek, world record holder with AIDA. In US zone you also have Performance Freediving running courses. On my side, I'm freediving instructor and shooting video on freediving as well. I hope this can help you a bit Fred www.nektos.net ooops, sorry: www.aida-international.org Fred
  5. Hi All We've been freediving with the manatees in Crystal River just after DEMA this year. The first day we went with an organized tour and quickly understood that it was better to rent a small boat for the day... The manatees are easy to find and the rental place will tell you everything about regulations regarding the manatees etc. By going on your "own" boat, you'll be able to dive with them between the organized tours and enjoy very quiet waters and calm manatees. I must say that it's one of the best uw encounter you can have! Hope this help! Here's a link to some of the images we did with them: http://www.nektos.net/show_images.php?IDcat=manatees Fred www.nektos.net
  6. Arnon, the Pole trip was to follow a croatian friend who putted an expedition together to freedive there. We stayed in a russian opperated drifting station. Good fun an once of a life time experience. Unfortunatly, no wildlife encounter (no seals or polar bears) exept a 2cm long shrimp. About the pictures, it was very dificult to shoot in and out of the water, even harder outside in fact: batteries were dead after a few minutes, frozen fingers after 1min without the glove to take the shot... We've tried to difuse the images, but seems that no mags exept french dive mags and croatian medias are interested so far, so I can't tell you where to find the images. Mike, no-limits is the "sled assisted" discipline. The easiest way to get down there, the lift to the abyss. True that it's easier to approach sea creatures when you freedive. Next big trip after the summer is to take pictures of a freediver with big whales in warm water, then later, same with "whale with big teeth" in cold water.... Another big advantage is that you travel light and you can get in the water anywhere without having to rely on logisitcs etc. Team2 is one of our favourite pic. It was taken in south of France during the summer, at 01:00 pm with vertical sunlight and 40m+ vis. Fred
  7. Right.....my dives are much longer when I take pictures. But not as long as when I use the video camera...but that's too dangerous....! About the setup, I don't have pictures of it. In the water, the housing is very light thanks to the dome port providing some boyancy. The main difference between the 20d and the Coolpix is the way you compose your image. I have to say that for the kind of images I'm taking, the Coolpix is easier because I use the monitor to do it. Like that, I can see what's happening around and keep an eye on the frame, like you do with a video housing. With the 20d, you have to use the viewfinder. It takes some time to get used to it. I suffered a bit during the first dives with the new housing as it was at the North Pole in freezing water, having to take care of a new camera, being carefull not to loose the hole to get back to the surface, dealing with extreme light conditions under the ice and having maximum 15min in the water to get the shots.... The breatholds were not very long!!!!!! During the trip, I realized that I did the right move by choosing the 20d instead of the D70 as the Canon handles hi ISO better. Most of the shots were taken at 800 and 1600. I don't regret my choice at all. Say hi to Lotta and have fun in Dahab. Blue hole is a great spot to shoot freedivers with a nice background and deep blue. At that time, we will be in Corsica with the Frolla's brother and Stephane Mifsud playing in the big blue... Fred
  8. Hi Lambis, I'm in your case, I'm shooting only in freediving and with avaible light. Like you I faced the problem of the shutter lag with my former camera a coolpix 5000. It's a great camera that I still use,, but some shots missed due to the shutter lag make me switch to a dslr.... My choice is an eos 20d, a 10-22 lens and an Aquatica housing. The setup is of course a bit bulky compared to the coolpix, but from the first dives, I felt ok with it. I was hesitating between the eos and a D70 too. Having the opportunity to take more than one shot every 5 seconds changes your life, believe me! Hope it helps you in your choice..... Fred
  9. Hi Robert, I'm using the 19mm lens in the Aquatica housing and I'm very happy with the results. Just be carefull that the camera is well positioned in the housing to be sure not to have the port in the frame. I'm shooting only on breathold diving and natural light. The sharpness is great. If you want to see some of the shots I took with it, drop me a note. Fred. fred@futurapnea.com
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