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  1. Hello, I have decided to updgrade my camera set up and there am selling the set up I have for an Olympus TG4. This set up is under two years old. I live in a landlocked state and only go on dive trips twice a year. Neither the camera or housing has ever flooded. See below for the package. Price is $500.00 plus shipping costs. 1. Olympus TG4 and Olympus case. 2. Olympus PT-056 housing and case 3. Sealife dual tray with flexible arms 4. Seadragon Universal Flash Strobe (#SL963)
  2. I am researching strobe options for a Panasonic Lumix LX10 with a nauticam housing. I have not shot before with strobes (only video lights even for stills) and would greatly appreciate your recommendations. A dealer has suggested the Sea & Sea YS-D2J Underwater DS-TTL Strobe. Your thoughts on this recommendation would also be helpful. Thanks,
  3. Thanks to all for your thoughtful and helpful insights and suggestions. Much appreciated! Sting Ray - you are correct in that I saw the BackScatter review. The review spoke to all the features that I am looking for in my next set up. Also, thanks for the strobe recommendations. You can't beat their size and price point is good. SeaNettle - wow, what great footage with NO lights. Very impressive for sure. Wolf Eel - you sold me! I am definitely getting a vacuum system. Any suggestions for wide angle and macro lenses? I tend to purchase at the middle range versus inexpensive or top of the line. Finally, it seems like Nauticam is the best for housing. Are there solid housing products that are a step below - maybe middle of the road? Thanks, Troy
  4. Hello, I am a diver with 3 years experience and 160 dives. I typically dive in the Coral Triangle, with Indonesia and the Solomons being my top dive destinations. I LOVE underwater still and video work. My current gear is a GoPro Hero 6 and Olympus TG4. I am looking to upgrade my gear and ideally I would like to have one set up for still and video. I know that having a large set up is not for me. After doing considerable research I am considering the Panasonic LX10 to replace the TG4 and Hero6. I am thinking about the Nauticam housing and then purchasing a macro and wide angle lens to mount to the housing. My question for you experts is whether the LX10 with the two additional lenses will give me that much better photos/video to justify the cost. I am also interested in any recommendations for strobes for the LX10 and whether it is advisable to purchase the vacuum systems (which almost cost as much as the camera!). I appreciate your thoughts, insights, and recommendations. Troy
  5. I am planning a trip to PNG in November 2018. I am trying to decide between Tawali or Walindi or the Febrina out of Walindi. I am wondering if anyone has recently traveled to these locations or been on the Febrina? If so, I am very interested in hearing your thoughts/recommendations about the resorts, quality of the dive operations, etc. Thank you. Troy
  6. Hello, I am Troy and live in Denver, CO. I started diving two years ago and have 122 dives under my belt. I have been fortunate enough to dive in Hawaii, Cozumel, Raja Ampat, and most recently the Solomon Islands. I joined the site as I love taking underwater pics and have a lot to learn! Looking forward to reading the posts and soaking up the wisdom on the site. Troy
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