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  1. Hello, The monitor combo is http://www.nauticam.com/product.asp?id=315 Price 700 EUR selling the WWL-1 and the CMC separate is difficult, i like to try to sell all togheter first. I know the lenses are easy to sell because everybody can use them and they are brand new (almost)
  2. FOR SALE - NAUTICAL RX100 IV complete set 3 months old and only used few times 1 Sony RX100 IV 1 Nauticam Housing 3 Nauticam Bayonet mount converter M67 1 Nauticam Wet Wide lens (WWL1- 130 deg 1 Nauticam Flexitray II left 1 Naticam adjustable right handle 1 Nauticam Vacuum valve 1 CMC Macro lens NEW PRICE 4250 € looking for 3000 € I also have if interested Nauticam housing for external monitor inclusive monitor
  3. Are you going to Indonesia without a macro lens? I will be doing 2 live aboard trips on the new boat "Ilike" http://www.dive-away-liveaboards.com/en/ilike From 5 til 15 oktober Saumlaki - Ambon From 18 till 28 oktober Ambon - Triton Bay Really looking forward to the trips and using my new toy :-) You guys are really helpful, thanks! I will keep you updated about the 90mm macro Greetings Bruno
  4. Hi guys, i just got a Seacam housing and the Sony A7SII with the 16/35 lens, thanks for all the helpfull info here! I am planning to buy the 90mm sony lens also for video do you guys have used it? Looking forward to play with the new toy next month in Indonesia
  5. You can buy the housing with or without the body and lens, if the housing is sold without body i will sell the body separate!
  6. Filmed with the RX100 in a Nauticam housing, used the WWL-1 lens and in 2 shots you see a test with the macro CMC-1 I am really happy with the whole configuration and lenses, the only problem is when using for filming the zoom is difficult to reach (not so important) and the record button is also difficult. Nauticam delivers the housing with a trigger that works really well but only for Photo :-(
  7. Price reduced for the housing with all the ports etc 2500 EUR
  8. Atlast i found some time to upload pictures :-) Nauticam 5D Mark III housing + 8.5 acrilic dome port with shade + Extension ring 60 with lock + C1635IIZ for 16-35 f/2.8L II USM + strobe mounting ball + C100IS-F for canon EF 100mm f2.8L Macro IS USM + Macro port 94 + Nauticam Lanyard + Canon hotshoe plug for nikonos bulkhead (x and ground conne) original Price total : 5100 EUR Now for 2700 EUR Everthing in perfect working condition, the dome port has some scratches but i am willing to change the acryl port for a new one (you can just change the acryl) Also for sale (not seperate) CANON 5D EOS MARK III + CANON EF 16-35mm f/2.8 II USM Original Price : 4200 EUR Now for : 2500 EURO
  9. Housing is in Belgium, including a 100 mm port (the dome port i am keeping)
  10. http://www.dive-away-liveaboards.com/en/ilike#aboutIlike is a new live aboard, runned by a good friend of mine. They have realy nice promotions this year because they are starting up. I will be on board end of juli and probely also in oktober :-)
  11. So we have a 2-1 score for the sony on the moment! Interceptor, what is better on the port system with the RX100 in the Nauticam housing? And wicht ports are the best to buy with the system? Thanks allready.
  12. I am looking to buy one of those 2 lovely cameras for a compact video set up, nauticam have housings for both of them (i love nauticam) so can some people with experience convince me why or not to buy the sony or panasonic? Looking forward to your comments, thanks in advance.
  13. Short video we made after this crazy fact we bounced in to.
  14. Housing 5200 euro Internal Flip Diopter system 340 Euro standard port SP44 600 euro Flat port FP44 350 euro GATES Seal Chek II 900 euro TOTAL NEW : 7390 EURO Now for 3000 EURO ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Extra's Super Wide Port SWP44C 3900 euro (now 2000 euro) GATES Tripod 450 USD (now 200 euro) external Gates monitor 1750 euro (now 600 euro) EX1 camera 7000 euro (now 3500 euro) Peli Case 350 euro (now 200 euro) TOTAL EXTRAS : 13400 EURO 7390 + 13400 = 20790 EURO NEW PRICE -------------------------------------------------------------------- Now everthing for 8500 EURO Housing is 3 years old but in good working condition. Housing is in Belgium I only sell the extra's together with the housing, or after i have sold the housing without the extra's.
  15. Drew, i am here 3 weeks now, and we got like nothing so far :-( Saterday is my last day at sea so 3 more days, stil keeping some hope. Allot of whales thats the only good thing, if you organize a wetpixel drink do it fast sounds fun. Bruno
  16. Really nice shots! Can you tell a little bit more about the settings under water on the 5D? and how much ISO .....
  17. Early? I start diving on the 11th and will be there till 2 july i am going with Morne Hardenberg from Shark Explorers.
  18. NICE, and knowing that i wil have the same camera & housing in a few days and directly leaving to South Africa for the Sardine run, and after that the Northpole make me happy :-)
  19. I completly agree that everyone have opinions and i really do not have a problem with critique depending where/who it comes from! I rather have people telling me things about my video what can be done to make it better then only "wow" "great" ...... you learn nothing from that. But like i have told, this is a quick tripvideo that i have completed on board for the clients not for competions or TV ...... The discussion about feeding sharks etc is not for me, i have been booked to lead this trip and i love to do it! I personaly do not see eny harm in what we (and a gazilion other people) are doing, on the contrerary people are getting home with story's, pictures and video's and telling other people sharks are NICE!
  20. Steve, This video is not made for competions, just for fun for the people who have done this trip. About the music, i know it is rear to use this kind of music but i tried it and i got some really nice compliments allready you are the first one so negative! Maybe you are getting to old? But i apriciate your honoust reply. I hope to see some not boring footage from you somwhere :-)
  21. Nick, thanks for the realistic comments! About the "bum-crack" this is the dive guide from the boat a real Americain "bum-crack" hahaha The dolphin & sharks shots togheter where really lucky, on the last day on Tiger Beach i was almost out of the water when people start yelling dolphins, i went down again and we had like for 10 minutes 3 dolphins comming to chek uss out! I have much better shots but i am working on a documentary so i am not using the good stuff yet :-) The guys on the boat told me that this was really unike, for me it was the first time like this and the dolphins keep comming back really intresting.
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