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  1. Thanks for your response. It actually works fine, took 500 shots while birding later in the day and no incidences. Seemed to only happen with live view opened and the flashes firing
  2. Like the title says. Would prefer a straight, but will consider a 45!
  3. Hey all, Unsure if anyone has had this issue before. I have a canon sl2, ikelite housing, dual ikelite DS161 strobes. I haven't had this issue before, but after taking around a dozen photos, my mirror locked up and I was unable to view through the viewfinder/take further photos. The remedy was to remove the battery. However it occurred on the second dive as well. Could these be some sort of voltage issue? Will be calling ikelite tomorrow about it. Thanks!
  4. Like the title says! Looking for some clamps! Preferably 4 clamps
  5. Price drop to $350
  6. Two Ikelite DS50 strobes with diffusers, ikelite strobe arms, and dual sync chord. Working well and in great condition. Batteries not included. Asking $400 shipped. https://imgur.com/a/Q8l8wg4
  7. Thank you all for the responses! Ikelite is still doing the exchange program, but only for models 2016 and after. Unfortunately these strobes are older than 2016. Waiting to see if the price will drop, to help lessen the sting of buying new batteries!
  8. Hello all. I've been offered a killer deal for some Ikelite DS161 strobes. They have not been used in many years, and have lithium ion battery packs. i have read some negative things about the lithium battery packs online, but nothing concrete about what to look for or how to know the longevity of these batteries. I don't really want to spend a large sum upgrading to Nimh if I don't have to right off the bat. Any suggestions on if I should still purchase these strobes(they are allowing me to test them out), and suggestions of how to determine if the lithium batteries will be usable for the long run? Or any other valuable information! Thanks Michael
  9. Never used Ikelite Underwater Camera Flexarm with extra locline. For use with Ikelite DS50 or DS51 Never been used. Asking $35 + shippingWas planning on making this:
  10. Just to piggyback here, rather than make a new thread. Is Tribolube 71 safe with ikelite o-rings? Can't seem to find that information elsewhere.
  11. Dropped to $125+ shipping. No longer has the DLM adapter included. This will need an adaptor to be mounted to housing.
  12. Ikelite 8” dome for compact/mirrorless housings DLM mount. This has an adaptor for the DLM mount.I like my smaller dome port more for my style of photography. The dome has no scratches. There are some mild abrasions on the hood. Otherwise awesome condition. Asking $250 + shipping
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