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  1. Just a question about optics.

    I have a dome port I'd like to use with a 24mm. I have tried it with a 40mm lens, and the image is very magnified. Just wondering if the dome port imparts any effect on non-fisheye lenses, and will prevent underwater magnification, or does a non-wide angle, non-fisheye lens focus through the dome port and the dome port just acts as a flat port?





  2. I have a canon SL2 ikelite housing with a canon 15mm lens. I love doing split shots, and I'm able to get them with calm water, however I would love for it to be a bit easier to capture in rougher water. After seeing what my friends Gopro dome port can handle in rougher water, I was a bit jealous.


    I don't really want to deal with the size of the full size 8" dome port. Just wondering if the compact version will give me the same ease split shot photography, or, is the small size going to make it relatively similar to the 6" dome.


    Should I just be purchasing a wider than 15mm lens?


    Anyone use the compact dome and the standard 8" dome that can weigh in?



    Would I be better of with a precision 5" half globe dome port?



  3. Hey all,


    Does anyone have tips for attaching their camera to their person. As in to their weight belt or to their arm/thigh. I am looking for something that will hold a medium sized housing tightly to my body, but is also quick release.


    I've thought of harnesses or just velcro straps, but just wondering if anyone has a nice DYI they recommend.


    This could work I guess: https://www.amazon.com/TacDraw-Camera-Belt-Metal-Holster/dp/B012BCDYXY/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=camera+holster&qid=1561881283&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1






  4. Awesome time out there. Truly recommend the experience to any and everyone! Awesome photography and wildlife interactions. These animals are truly not what I expected. I thought they would be slow and relatively boring to watch. No, they are full of personality and beauty and even seek interactions. Some of my highlights. Canon SL2, Canon 15mm f2.8, Ikelite housing. My lens' focus gears promptly failed right after these shots, I was so lucky it worked during the interactions.


    The area is also fantastic. A real old Florida vibe, with some great restaurants. We rented a boat and saw a ton of dolphins and manatees as well.

    I went out with Birds Underwater and they were nothing but professional and educational.


    46650196862_400abb61fc_h.jpgUntitled by Michael Freefield, on Flickr


    46734057211_af10472d03_h.jpgUntitled by Michael Freefield, on Flickr


    39773727513_74536f5efb_h.jpgSiren by Michael Freefield, on Flickr


    45837843725_cd81ce38c8_h.jpgUntitled by Michael Freefield, on Flickr



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  5. Ok guys I've gotten some good information. Sounds like dome port is not needed. I have no problem with split shots an I find my shots to be pretty sharp. Everyone has told me a wider lens is more worth the investment. With a cropped sensor, looks like I'll only be able to go for a 10mm.


    Thanks for all the input. Doesn't look like a 8" is worth getting considering the size and added cost.

  6. Hey guys, tried searching for this.


    Currently shooting a cropped sensor Canon SL2 with a 15mm 2.8 Canon lens. The ikelite housing comes with a 6" dome port, but I can't help but wonder what like would be like with an 8" dome port...


    I understand the physics and differences between both.


    My main question is, with a cropped sensor and a relatively not that wide angle(f22.5 equivalent), would I really even be able to take advantage of an 8" dome port? Would it add that much more scene coverage? I know it will help with split shots and corner sharpness.


    Any input would be great! I'm really enjoying the set up, but I've been thinking about this pretty frequently. It's also a big cost and size difference, just to try out.









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