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  1. Hey all,


    I'm a new underwater photographer, mainly doing natural light and having a great time. However, I was able to get away with no lights due to shallower freediving depths. I recently became scuba certified and feel that I am not going to have as much room to capture the images I want at deeper depths, without additional light.


    To be very honest, the things holding me back are that I don't want to drop a large amount of money on two strobes(probably unavoidable haha) and I also don't want to have more gear to schlep while traveling than I already have.


    Does anyone have any experience using a video or dive light for that extra pop for subjects. I understand backscatter and light positioning. Is there a minimum lumens I should look for if I do splurge for continuous lighting?


    I shoot with a canon SL2, 15mm 2.8 and ikelite housing with 6" dome.


    Any input would be awesome!








  2. Just wanted to report back. I purchased some aquarium silicone at the hardware store and actually sealed the dome port onto the ikelite housing. There were no leaks, optics were not harmed, and it allowed me to get some pretty sweet split shots!! It also preserved the wide angle nature of the camera.


    So anyone else wondering, this is very doable. I've only tested with silicone/housing down to 30 feet as I am a freediver.







  3. So obviously a wet dome port is designed that way for a reason. However, what if someone doesn't care about the ability to place the dome port underwater. Is there anyway to convert a wet dome port into a dry dome port?


    Main reasoning is because I'm more of a freediver, so I won't really be hanging out deep underwater for the majority of my photographs and I figure it will help with split shots. Will be shooting with a canon g12 in an ikelite housing with a WD-4 WA conversion lens.


    Would it be wrong to "seal" this lens onto the housing, or will this lens not work at all without water inside of it?


    Thanks and sorry if this is a stupid question. Can't find any information elsewhere.

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