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  1. Thanks Andy Can you give me more information about how to order that slate from Greece? Orecha
  2. The widest of my Olympus(C-70) is 38mm and I know it is not enough. But I trust the Magic Filter and its abilities. I am also Greek and we have very clear waters and a very bright sun(almost every day)!According Alex Mustard these are the excellent conditions for the Magic Filter to work. I think that I have followed all the instructions of using the Magic Filter but I am not satisfied till now with the color of my photos. I think that maybe I don’t take the WB correctly. Maybe the size of my white slate is wrong. The size of my slate is the same as Mike Veitch’s at his test of the Magic Filter(UWP 27/41page) , but he is using a 10.5mm lens and I use a 38mm. So when I try to take the WB, my slate covers all the view of the lens and I believe that maybe this is wrong. If it is wrong, could you tell me the percentage of the slate’s coverage ,when I take the WB? Mike Veitch’s slate looks like 12%-15% coverage of the view. When he wants to use another lens(e.g.105mm) ,does he change the size of his slate also? I feel a little confused. Can you help me? Thanks Orecha
  3. My equipment for underwater photos is an Olympus(C-70), an Ikelite housing ,the Magic Filter and my white slate to take manually the WB. I know it is not enough, but I am a beginner in this kind of photography and I want to know if it is possible to take satisfied Macro photos with the Magic Filter and my internal flash only. If it is possible, please show me the way. Thanks Orecha
  4. When I try to have a split level photo, most of the times the photos are not clear due to the drops of the water on my lens. I tried to clean it in the same way I use for my mask without any results. Do you know any tip?Thanks.
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