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  1. I was recently in the Red Sea, down at Marsa Shagra (near Marsa Alam) and photographed the attached bright yellow fish. I have been through all my text books (debelius and the collins) and hunted the internet, but nothing has seemed to be quite right. It looks like a blenny of some sort to me. Does anyone have any ideas? Regards, Dave
  2. For mostly fish, but also including any underwater life photos that people care to submit (i.e. Corals, Turtles etc.), try the site: http://www.fishdb.co.uk
  3. Thanks for all the tips. I've already started implementing some of the features, like getting the best photos displayed first, which is obviously vital. I think fishbase.org is great for checking up on something once you already know what it is and they have so much information it's great, but it's a different kind of beast compared to what I'm aiming for. Many thanks to those people that have already signed up and started submitting pictures. It's been a great response. I will definitely get around to doing smaller thumbnail views to make it easier to hunt down the fish you're looking for. It's a project that is evolving all the time. http://www.fishdb.co.uk Regards, Dave dave@fishdb.co.uk
  4. I'm setting up an online resource of underwater photographs, intended mostly in helping to identify fish, but also as a means of letting people display their pictures, rather than tucking them away in some drawer, or some folder on their own computer. http://www.fishdb.co.uk I've entered a couple of hundred photos taken mostly by my Father and myself so far, but hope to find others interested in sharing their pictures with the rest of the world. The web site is database driven and I intend to make it as easy as possible for people to browse through fish of a given region, or particular species. It's also possible to rank the photos, and coming very soon there'll it will be possible to view the photos so you can quickly get to see the best photos. Please take a look and if you have any ideas for improvements or you'd like to take part please register for free and get in touch. Regards, Dave dave@fishdb.co.uk
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