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  1. I have the extension 40 and the Sea&Sea fisheye dome port, and the rest of the message from Sea&Sea about this lens is that those ports should work: -kbs
  2. I'm also interested in this lens/enclosure combo, and emailed Sea&Sea about it. Here is part of their reply: I guess its up to us consumers to find a workable solution. -kbs
  3. I've just upgraded from my Canon s70 to the 350d in the Sea&Sea housing as well. I'll be diving it next week for the first time, and I've decided to stick with the 18-55 kit lens for now, for two reasons: a) keep the price down (although that ship has sailed) b) keep the flexibility of my s70 to shoot some macro and some wide on each dive I've got the Sea&Sea extension (40) and fisheye 10" dome port on. Obviously my results will not be better than what you could get from the 10-22 or the 60macro, but I feel like this lens is better for me, for now. (Thanks to Sy and David and everyone at Backscatter in Monterey for setting me up so quickly, after my s70 fell in the lake). -kbs
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