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  1. ... one can dream... http://www.pbase.com/vthian/athens_olympic...s_2004&page=all
  2. That's Inimicus didactylus for sure http://www.fishbase.com/Summary/SpeciesSum...name=didactylus http://2a2b.free.fr/html/2a2b%20Phils__009_0001.htm http://www.fishbase.com/Photos/ThumbnailsS...ary.cfm?ID=5826
  3. You're right, thanks guys !
  4. Hi everyone, any idea about the name of this fish from Lembeh Strait... Thanks a lot
  5. Thanks Alex, I took this shot in a night dive... maybe it did not see me that's why I could shoot its face...
  6. Hello everyone, does anybody know the scientific name of this decorator crab? Thanks. http://2a2b.free.fr/html/2a2b%20Phils__016_0006.htm http://2a2b.free.fr/html/2a2b%20Phils__016_0005.htm
  7. Hey !! Nice to see you here, Rob !! The world is definetely small ! When I saw "Indah", I guessed you were around... welcome !
  8. Unfortunately I use PS 7... I've heard many good things about this PS CS highlight/shadow tool.. maybe one day... Craig, your sharpening is really good. What kind of parameters did you use?
  9. Thanks to you all. I like your version Goondoo, that's far better than mine. Which steps did you follow in PS?
  10. Hi everyone, any good idea to get rid of fog and to improve colours on this picture? http://2a2b.free.fr/html/2a2b%20Phils__010_0005.htm Thanks
  11. Hi Michael everything is there : http://www.wetpixel.com/PNphpBB2-viewtopic...ic-t-5606.phtml if you need more details, feel free to ask !
  12. You are right Larry, I struggled with condensation sometimes because I couldn't find any microwave oven to dry out my "silica gel" bags... but more than top quality pictures, more than contest pics, the idea of this site is to show the diversity in order to push divers to go there. Maybe one day I will take the best ones to make a gallery, but that's not the purpose at the moment ! Thanks for your kind feed back.
  13. Feel free to ask me more details... if I can help !
  14. Hi everyone, just updated my web site with more than 250 pics from the Visayas : thresher sharks, frogfishes, ghost pipefishes (ornate or not!), seahorses (pygmee or not!), mandarin fishes, eels, more than 25 species of nudis, shrimps, crabs.... in one word : THE PHILIPPINES !! Enjoy... it's there, in the Visayas chapter : http://2a2b.free.fr/
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