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  1. I am in the market for an LCD flat-panel computer monitor and I am looking for some advice as to the best one. I don't want to spend more than $500 and would prefer a monitor not smaller than 19". Here are the contenders I have collected so far: Dell Ultra-Sharp 1907FP, Viewsonic VP930b, and the Samsung SynchMaster 970P. Each model has its own fine attributes, but I was wondering if one stands out as the best for displaying and manipulating photographs or ones that I should avoid for those purposes. I would appreciate any advice anyone can provide. Thanks! Jay
  2. Thank you everyone for your helpful posts! Gudge, Which lens would you choose if you had to choose just one for both underwater and top-side: the Sigma 17-70 macro or the Tokina 12-24? Please share your thoughts with me. Thanks! Jay
  3. Ooh, I never considered a non-Nikon lens option. That opens up a whole new discussion. How does the Tokina compare with the Nikon? Wolf Eel, I notice you use two strobes. Is that essential? Can I get away with one? I am buying everything at once and I'm trying to keep my costs as manageable as possible.
  4. I have heard that the 12-24 is a superb lens, thank you both. But VERY pricey! What would your second choice be -- one that perhaps would not break the bank?
  5. I am close to pulling the trigger on a new D70s and I would like advice on the right package to purchase, including a lens. I am more excited by big animals (sharks, mantas, etc.) than the small stuff. It would be great to have a nice versatile lens that would be good for top-side shots as well. I read a post suggesting the 17-55 lens. I would recommend any suggestions anyone may have. Also, what other things should I look for in the camera package? Please let me know. Thanks! Jay
  6. Wow, thank you everyone!! I certainly went to the right web-site for information! Thanks again! I think my choice will depend on the price difference between the cameras. The bigger the price difference the more likely I'll choose the D70s and vice versa. Thanks! Jay
  7. HELP!!!! I am scheduled to go on my honeymoon tomorrow and I need advice for buying my first SLR (either the Nikon D50 or Nikon D70s.) I would rather purchase the D50 b/c it is less expensive and I am told that it is easier to use. But I would upgrade to the D70s if it is a better underwater photography option. My biggest concern is that both cameras have the essential features for good underwater photography. Please help me decide. Thank you!! Jay p.s. Also, what would be a good lens to purchase if I had to purchase just one? Thanks!
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