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  1. Wow!! Great tips!! Thank You very much!
  2. Thank you South Carolina great tips!
  3. So its not usefull to pack the 15mm fisheye?? And just travel with a 16-35mm?? Also I have been reading that you cannot be playing around with your camera a lot of time underwater because you have to be looking at the sharks, what would be a good exposure to jump into the water to start with and dont be fooling around trying to make many changes.
  4. Hi I am planning on going to tiger beach, can anyone help me start off with the best expossure settings and strobe placement? First time diving in tiger beach and it is always good to star with some advice. I own a nikon d850 with 16-35 and 15mm fisheye. And two inon z330 strobes. Thank you really appreciate it.
  5. Mattwallace24 I am also going next week, we might be on the same boat. Belle Amie?
  6. I ordered a pair of inon z330 but they are backordered for a couple of months and I am going on that trip next week without strobes, is that a big problem?? you are close to surface and clear water, if I have no strobe what do you recommend to do? I was thinkin f8 1/400 iso 400. Also if video light can be usefull I can take one of those. Thank you! I am using a nikon d850 for the fist time, forgot to add that up! I was a canon dslr user before.
  7. I just bought the zen 230mm for the 16-35, and I am in the same crossroads as you are, dont know if It is a better choice sigma 15 or nikon 8-15. I know the sigma doesnt need anything extra, but the 8-15 needs a zoom gear on my nauticam. If I get the 8-15 will the shades of the 230mm dome show up in 8mm?? Do I need to get the 100mm dome for it?
  8. But the 230mm with the 8-15 it needs a zoom gear right? And if you open the lens to 8mm will the shades show? I dont know how easy are zen 230mm shades to be removed. I know the smaller dome port is just a twist to remove it. If you were to choose between sigma 16mm or nikon 8-15mm which one would be your choice? Thank you!
  9. Interesting topic, so for a D850 which is the best lens sigma 15mm, nikon 8-15mm, nikon 16mm?? Used with zen dp-230 or zen 100/4
  10. I have the 16-35mm and ill buy the 230mm zen dome for it, the question is in the other lense, should I get the signa 15mm and use the same 230mm dome, or get the 8-15mm with the zoom gear and the 100 dome.
  11. I think the housing comes with a LED trigger, Ill be using the finer optics.
  12. A friend of mine recommended me to not buy the 8-15mm and instead buy a sigma 15mm and just stick with the large dome. Is this a good choice?
  13. Thank you for your response. I dont know about that zen dome. But they said it it good for that lense the bigger domes will show the shades if you go below the 16mm. Yes I have selected port extensions and zoom gear for the ports but I didnt mention them, long list Lol. That pelican case as carry on, isnt it to heavy to bring it on the plane?
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