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  1. So Im assuming this is a common issue. Thanks for the replies.
  2. I got back from my first real dive day with my first underwater setup and in a few images I am seeing my lens being reflected in the image. See images below but you will see the text normally seen on the front of a lens (focal length, F-stop) showing in the lower corners of the frame. This only happened on a few frames, all at the same zoom length. Any thoughts? Tech specs (I know it's mirrorless) Sony a6500 10-18mm Fantasia Housing
  3. I have a Sea&Sea FO. I did read that prior to the Nauticam FO cable their LED trigger wasn't firing the YS-D2. If I put the LED directly into the strobe it DOES fire. Fantasea has responded to me that the YS-D1 and YS-D2 are currently not compatible yet that information lives no where else on the internet.
  4. The LED is working correctly and I am able to see the light flash clearly through the FO. I also spoke to someone at Mozaik and they also are aware that the YS-D2 optical trigger is not sensitive enough. Apparently the Nauticam LED flash trigger also does not work with the YS-D2. I am willing to try anything. I found a very interesting video though. https://youtu.be/o_BC2fCH8rs He has the same issue and built his own FO cables from much larger FO that seam to work.
  5. I understand the thought but this information comes from Fantasea after I called about why it wasnt working. It works fine when fired by the pop up flash.
  6. Building my first rig with a Sony a6500 in a Fantasea housing. Got myself a DS-Y2 and the LED flash trigger by Fantasea. Well, apparently the optical trigger on the YS-D2 is too weak to fire from the LED trigger. Im looking for a workaround and/or suggestion. Suggestions needed also include a list of professional quality strobes that do work via LED strobe trigger. Thanks
  7. New update. Once I finally got a sync cord I found out YS-D2s dont have a strong enough optical trigger to use an LED flash trigger. So now I have a brand new strobe that I cant return (bought it from someone unused) and I cant use with the flash trigger. Im looking into options but they are slim or expensive.
  8. Since I began this post I have learned quite a bit about the equipment and one of your points has been well take. The built in flash which would be used to trigger via optical is known to drain the already weak batteries for Sony a6500 as well as having a 4 sec recycle time on full power. Fantasia made a LED flash trigger which emits low power flashes to fire your strobe. Pros: recycle time limited to the strobes time, does not effect camera battery at all. Cons: No ability to use TTL. I understand how TTL makes everything underwater quite a bit easier but I am confident that with some trial and error, my experience shooting almost entirely with artificial light on land will allow me to work within the limitations of my camera setup. Or... I will suck at this and go back to enjoying diving without a camera... HAHA
  9. Thanks for all the useful comments and experiences. I have decided that its likely that within the first year or so I am going to switch up to a DSLR so Im going to just start out with the entry level gear I already have. The arms and strobes I bought are professional level so those can be salvaged as I move forward.
  10. Yea Leak Sentinal seems to be what the experts are recommending too. I have a related question. Should I assume that using a vacuum pump removes any bouyancy the housing had and thus I will need to add even more floats?
  11. Thats the one I have my eye on unless I find other options to choose from.
  12. Thank you Mark. It's good to know there is going to be a compromise in quality here. The dome is approx 155mm for the Fantasea housing. I am beginning to consider switching housings before I get underwater for the first time, while I can still return this stuff. I know you said there would be a lot of new technical considerations for me to learn but when it comes to IQ I am pretty sure I will be really disappointed if I am getting poor results from using suboptimal equipment. That being said, I thing the a6500 is a very nice camera and I think it has the ability to make great pictures... only if it has the support to do so underwater.
  13. Chris, Can you recommend options for vacuum valve for the Fantasea housing? It has an M16 port. I currently only see an option by Nauticam. Just not sure iff there are other options.
  14. Agreed. Some good info. I had just read about virtual images. I am trying to get as much technical information before my first dive. Chris and Mark, Thanks for all good info. I bought the recommended extension tube and dome for the 10-18mm. Can I assume that the appropriate distance from the lens to the dome exists for only 1 specific focal length? I haven't found any information about this. Thoughts? Thanks for the info.
  15. Hi All, Piece by piece I'm building my first underwater rig. Sony a6500 (only because I couldn't bare taking my work cameras underwater). I read a few things about domes being positioned correctly etc. so I have this to ask. How specific are domes to lenses? For instance, I have a Sony 10-18mm, Fantasea housing, dome port and 25mm extension (as per their suggestion). In addition to the 10-18 I have a 50mm just for walk around. Can you put a normal lens in a dome port? If domes are super specific, should 3rd party lenses not be considered? Thoughts? Thanks
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