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  1. Thanks Drew and Mike. Lets see what September brings.
  2. Hi all, are the balls on the INON and ULTRALIGHT systems the same size? I have two INOn Z240's with INON connectors which I want to combine with ULTRALIGHT buoyancy arms - will they work or do I need to order the ULTRALIGHT connector for the INOB Z240? Based in South Africa, so no way to physically check. Thanks in advance.
  3. Had a fantastic year with many highlights, learnt a lot, and this pic rates as my favourite for 2006. http://farm1.static.flickr.com/121/273905527_3151e96ac9.jpg Can't seem to get the image to appear, what am I doing wrong :{ ?
  4. I've done an extensive serach of exisiting posts, but can't find an answer to this question: Are the Inon Z240's (S-TTL) compatible with the TTL Convertor offered with the Sea and Sea D200 Housing? From the Sea and Sea Website (http://www.seaandsea.jp/products/digital/dxd200/acce.html) "This converter is equipped with a built-in TTL PCB that connects a Nikon digital SLR with SEA&SEA Series-YS strobes and uses the camera’s TTL flash adjustment to control the amount of light put out by the strobe. The converter allows quick switching underwater between TTL mode and manual mode from outside the camera. You can use the TTL correction dial after checking the results of a shot in the LCD monitor to adjust the amount of strobe light for the next shot. Because the converter comes with two separate strobe connectors, you can use advanced automatic TTL flash adjustment with two strobes." On the Inon site it mentions the following: (http://inonamerica.com/content/docs/Z-240%20strobe%20settings%20-%20Quick%20StartLT60812.pdf) "S-TTL Mode is not available when the the Z240 is connected to camera/housing with electric sync-cable" What is the difference between S-TTL and i-TTL? Is there a difference? Thanks Roger
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