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    INON D2000 & Z240 / 2x ARGO 5000 lumen
  1. Hi, I have the Pana 14-42 MK II lens with the WWL-1 and I'm verrry happy with it. Besides the price range wich is very low compared to the WWL-1 itself, it has a better optic quality than the 14-42 PZ (pancake) for a lower price if you believe dxomark. But the 14-42 PZ has a motorized zoom which can be useful in certain condition no ? For example smooth zoom while filming. And the OIS on the pancake is better on paper than the 14-42 MK II (Power OIS VS Mega OIS). My 14-42 MK II seems to have metal port but I'm not sure which part you are talking about. I bought it "alone" from a an online camera shop digit-photo. But there is one question about the IBIS : do you think that when the WWL-1 is mounted on the lens, we should correct the focal to the equivalent focal in the settings to improve the stabilization ? Same question for the whole "underwater" part which is modifying the angle of view. When you mount a third party lens without focal information transmitted, the GH5 is asking for the focal. Here a photo done with this combo on the Thistlegorm and 2 Inon strobes :
  2. Hi, The fiber I've ordered works well with the nauticam flash trigger and Inon D2000 / Z240 Here the fiber I ordered : http://www.plongimage.com/flash-eclairage/fibre-optique-cordon/cordon-fibre-optique-inon-pour-hugyfot.html
  3. Hi, I've received my Nauticam GH5 housing a few days ago and I tried it yesterday. I'm really pleased about the ergonomic of the housing, and the camera itself is really impressive. I was in 4K 25p 422 10 bits Long GOP, auto ISO, aperture fixed, autofocus and dual stabilisation (no cropping stabilisation). The surface was a little over-exposed, but with Premiere Pro I was able to restore the high lights. I used profile Cine-D. Next dive I'll try other profiles, especially the HLG. I do not have the V-Log for the moment. Here the video : https://youtu.be/vd3rwMUfMIg
  4. About the triggering problem, I've been told that the problem is that the optic fiber is too thin. It does not work with my old fiber cable. So I've just ordered a 1,5mm fiber optic cable. I had the opportunity to try it yesterday and it was working. I'll tell you more when I'll have received it, this week if everything goes fine.
  5. Hi, my name is Romain, I'm from France. I do underwater photo & video. For 3 years, I had a Sony RX100III in nauticam housing. The camera is now broken (not flooded) so I've just bought a GH5 with Nauticam housing. I live in Marseille and I dive every week-ends in the Mediterranean Sea. Take a look on my Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/desirdeplongee/and my Youtube Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMrDd8gm5FiH1pibSDpnDcA?view_as=subscriber
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