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  1. I totally agree that animals should not be harassed. Incidentally Instagram has instituted a policy on this subject is very good. Also, you're right, it lacks a tentacle to the octopus. We see it very clearly in some photos. Maybe it's a moray that ripped him off? I do not know. Best regard
  2. Lightroom tutorial post treatment : how to treat an underwater photo http://www.blog.underwater-landscape.com/en/post-processing-lightroom/ The how to of underwater photographs post processing using lightroom Well mastering the image’s post processing with lightroom isn’t an easy task ! There are a ton of options to choose from.Whether it’s an underwater photograph or a regular image, the same principles can apply.Therefore , in this article I invite you to discover, step by step , all the necessary milestones to post-process a RAW file using Adobe Lightroom CC 2015 . If you don’t have any experience in terms of post-processing and you wish to have a deeper understanding of this subject , this article is made for you !
  3. Hello everybody. First, sorry for my bad English. Thank you very much for your intervention MAGROVE. You seem to be a world expert in octopus. Then you must know that the octopus come out at low tide to go hunted in the basins? And even sometimes they come out of the water in the middle of the day, if I assure you, look : Mayotte is what happens during the big tides. Octopus releases coral potatoes to hunt trapped prey. That day, it was hunting when I saw him.But it went to hide in a coral when it saw me. I caught his attention so that it could come to me. As an octopus expert, you need to know how to get them out of their hole without take them. Do they go out on their own to come see you? You know??? I think so, but I will still say it for those who do not know it. Octopuses are very very intelligent animals. They are also very curious. So to get an octopus out of his hole. Just tap your finger on a rock next to the octopus hole repeatedly for a few minutes. Tap tap tap tap The octopus being very curious, he will take out an eye ..... then two ...... rain a tentacle, then two, then 3 ..... With a little patience, after a few minutes (it depends on the octopus between and 10 minutes) he comes out completely from his hole, attracted by this strange thing and driven by his curiosity. Once the octopus is out, it is possible to interact with him and take a photo. Even in a water column of 30 cm. To reassure you, the octopus has quietly left to hunt between the coral. In addition, you will notice that I did not use a flash. Yes sir,it is possible to have an interaction without being aggressive. Many great underwater photographers often do it, and with other species. For example, recently I saw a sea lion with a starfish in its mouth.There was interaction. is it wrong? I do not think so.There can be interactions with animals in respect of these. Also, if you go to see my Intagram, you will see that octopus photos are rare. I do not make a photo for Instagram likes on Instagram. But to make people aware of the beauty but also the fragility of the marine world. Again thank you for your intervention, I am sure that with your actions the marine world is well protected. Best regard Gabriel BARATHIEU
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