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  1. Hey All, Ikelite is now using DHL and with the paperwork they sent I did not get hit with GST or brokerage fees like with Canada Post or what Brown does. Looks like some one at DHL actually knows the duty tariff regulations. Warr. replacement and service that can not be preformed in Canada are N/C, but you do need to pay for repair parts that you get charged for. Again I am glad Ikelite was able to finally resolve the issue. I am happy with the result, just not their Canadian National Sales Rep. Canadian Divers. Again Thanks to Bob Stubbs & The Ikelite Repair Team for resolving this as soon as they got back from the trade show. And thanks to all for understanding this OLD Mans Grippes
  2. Hello All, Well.... I got everything Ikelite said they would send and even Canadian Divers finally sent me my repaired items +1 Ai Strobe that does not belong to me... I will be sending it to the correct customer. I would especially like to thank Bob Stubbs at Ikelite Repair. He has been great during this problem even when I had lost my patients and we found a few times that e-mail reliability was not up to par.
  3. Hi Joe, Well, I think for my area (Great Lakes, Ontario) I am now limited on my photo opportunities (Wide Angle Shipwrecks) and the algae has already started to bloom and I will have to do closer shots. I was just trying to get away form taking close diver shots, as I was with the shop I used to work for. Now I will have to wait for late season or longer exposures and hope I get other colours than just shades of green (I could always convert them to B&W). I really hate to air dirty laundry the way I did but with the problems it seemed the fastest way to resolve the issue's or at least open some eyes to the problems that seemed to be getting ignored. Again to Ikelite I am sorry this had to happen and I hope we can move forward in a positive light and we both learn form all of this. Thank you ALL, Ken
  4. Hi Anthony, You are right life is unfair, but just like when you have a lawyer or agent represent you in court and they fail... Who ultimately pays the price?? Now you have paid the agent and now you have to pay the court. Canadian divers as far as I know does not sell certain products as they are an agent/contractor/employee representing a specific territory and get paid a commission that does not show even on a retailers purchase invoice nor the customers, they are paid a commission off all sales in their territory. I used to work for a large multinational company and we did similar ways of dealing with the public by using contractors/agents/employees and if something similar happened. First quickly and quietly satisfy the customer. Then investigate and if necessary correct the situation with what ever action was legally sanctioned and if a contractor.... They would not be after this, unless they reimbursed all lost revenue. Ken
  5. Hi Joe, I realize what they are saying now, but I used to work for an area dive shop. We had a major issue with a new housing / strobe for a customer and well lets say there were issues with the Shop owner and Ikelite. So the Canadian Sales Rep for Ikelite (Canadian Divers) went to Ikelite and after a meeting we were told to even deal with repair issue's through him. During that time is when we noticed (I was testing a customers new equipment and comparing it to my own) there was a problem with my equipment. So I was following the instructions I was given after that March meeting. Now that Ikelite has told me never to do that again, as well as some other information in e-mails. I will only deal direct from now on and Ikelite has resolved the issue with me and when we resolve it with Canadian Divers I will be retuning the Loaner as per their instructions. I was trying to resolve this quietly last week without posting but no one at Ikelite would make the final decision. Now I know why... I guess cell phones do not work at trade shows For now I am happy with the decision and I will be satisfied when this matter is completed with Canadian Divers, Ikelite and myself. I am sorry for some of the RANTING but this whole process was taking far to long and I needed closure. Ken
  6. Hi Karl, Please read the Time Line. Iklite knew of a problem back on May 16 with their Canadian Contract Sales Rep. That being said. Ikelite has agreed to resolve the issue. A loaner housing and a demo DS125, charger & sync cord. I am not going to give all the details but it looks like I am going to be very happy. Thank you Ikelite, Ken
  7. Ok for people that do not understand......... All Companies use Sales Reps ether direct employ or contract. They are hired to represent the Company in there territory, Canadian Divers territory is CANADA and all Dive Shops/ Retail Stores are supposed to go through there sales rep. The problem is with Ikelite's SALES REP!!!
  8. Yeah... But.. Tom Promissed he would have ansures for me today by 11AM and I can not get a reply..... Some things they did great....but I still have not got my equipment or responces. **** it time to file charges with the Police. This has to be some form of fraud or theft if they do not have it they have to replace it as they have no proof that I did not recive it even when I requested them to send it to ME!! One PISSED OFF CUSTOMER
  9. Hello All, Ok Ikelite said they would e-mail me today at 11 AM Eastern... No E-mail so I e-mailed them and now they are just being rude and not responding. Ikelite, Now this has gone too far... Since you did not want to clean up the mess last week (it is not my problem if someone is on vacation). Now we can do it here. Please respond or is customer satisfaction not high on your list of priorities?? Ken
  10. Hi Paul, Ikelite e-mailed me when the equipment finally arrived. I asked them to return it to me and even provided them with the serial numbers so they could verify (I even completed my registration information last year) with there database. They did not they sent it back to Canadian Divers (Jack is the Canadian Sales Rep. for Ikelite who the dealers are supposed to contact). Ikelite did give me the tracking number and I informed Canadian Divers when it was in his warehouse and still more headaches. He is a contract employee of Ikelite. He would respond to e-mails when he feels like it and never in a prompt manor. So I e-mailed Tom ate Ikelite..... No response until I threatened them, then after that I now get prompt responses, but I still do not have my equipment. I even seen Jack (Canadian Divers) in late April and reminded him then I e-mailed again May 11 and May 15. His employee responded May 16 telling me to contact Ikelite, so I did and again on June 6. They responded on June 6 saying they do not have it, then finally on June 9 Repair said they have it so I asked them to return it to me (It was warr. Repair). So even Ikelite knew of this issue in mid may and did nothing to get there employee to do his job. Now I can see how I could partly be to blame if I was negligent in the follow-ups but I constantly followed-up and documented everything. Simplified Timeline 2006/04/05 11:56 RICHMOND HILL, ON Item accepted at the Post office Sent to Canadian Divers (Ikelite Sales Rep.) 2006/04/12 10:40 MALLORYTOWN, ON Item successfully delivered to Receiver's address I even seen Jack (Canadian Divers) in late April and reminded him E-mail sent May 11 (No Response) E-mail sent May 15 E-mail received from CD to call Ikelite May 16 E-mail sent to CD & Ikelite May 16 (No Response) E-mail Sent June 6 to CD & Ikelite E-mail received June 6 from Ikelite, they have not received it from CD E-mail received June 9 from repair, they received equipment E-mail sent June 10 requesting Ikelite to return directly to me E-mail sent June 14 as no response to June 10 E-mail sent June 15….No Response June 15 -- Phoned and talked with Rhonda, very helpful she gave me the tracking number as it was sent back to CD INDIANAPOLIS, IN, US 13/06/2006 0:58 DEPARTURE SCAN WATERTOWN, NY, US 14/06/2006 15:37 DELIVERY E-mailed Sent to CD June 15 E-mail received from CD – promised to bring it June 19 E-mail received from Repair as to the fact they sent it back to CD E-mail sent June 20 as to the fact that CD did not come or call E-mail sent to Ikelite about the still AWOL equipment and no contact E-mail sent to CD & Ikelite June 22 as to no response and AWOL equipment June 22 & 23 many e-mails back and forth between Tom (Ikelite) and myself on missing equipment – even they could not contact Jack at CD Phone call received June 23 (LATE) from CD saying no paperwork from Ikelite on box in NY warehouse June 23 I replied to Jack CD by e-mail as now I want everything in writing This should not have happened and if both CD & Ikelite responded to the original e-mails and followed up with the repair this would not have happened.
  11. Hello All, Ikelite repaired it under warranty and flipped it in 2 business days. My gripe with Ikelite was the lack of response (until I made a threat). Canadian Divers (There Canadian Sales Rep) sat on it for 2 months and when Ikelite sent it back….. well. He just called me and said it is still in his warehouse and has not cleared customs as Ikelite did not send the proper paperwork with it. That sounds thin as I got parts the other day from Ikelite in the mail and I got them faster than using there Sales Rep???? This is supposed to be the way Ikelite wanted things to go after a problem at a dive shop with New Equipment in Jan/Feb.
  12. I used to work for a dive shop and this is not the first time I have seen problems. Last year when I sent them an e-mail for my registration it took 4 e-mails with one cc to the dive shop just to get an acknolagment. Some times they do not even responed to e-mails. Ken
  13. Hello All, I sent my housing & strobe in for repairs April 5 2006 through Canadian Divers (Sales Rep for Ikelite) and to this date I have still not been returned to me. Ikelite did not get them until earlier this month from Canadian Divers with the delays I requested Ikelite to return them to me and they sent (under warranty) back to Canadian Divers. Tom from Ikelite never seems to respond to ANY e-mails and I have had to call and talk with Rhonda as every time they are in meetings or on break. She has been helpful and sent parts (O-rings) to me quicker than anyone else. Tom finally responded yesterday after threat to post and involved RCMP on fraud. I gave Canadian Divers / Ikelite until today to resolve this problem but all I got was headache and delays now they want me to wait until next week for a decision on what I proposed to make this matter go away. With the long weekend coming for both Countries I found that unacceptable as I would now be without for more than 3 months by the time the issue gets resolved. Ken Kenmc6922@yahoo.com
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