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  1. So FYI guys this worked perfectly: I set the bad strobe on green no preflash and it fired perfectly in sync with the good strobe. So good temporary solution but I will need to get another strobe while this one is being repaired. Makes sense it would work well this way since good strobe doesn’t preflash only camera does. In essence, this method just ensures that the strobes fire in sync—power levels still set manually. Thanks all!!
  2. I tried and it will fire in green single lightening bolt mode when slaved to the good strobe so I'm thinking I should do that rather than dumb TTL, right? After all, the good strobe doesn't have a pre-flash, does it? Thanks again.
  3. Another issue/question: so it’s clear that the yellow setting contact or solinoid is bad because the strobe will fire in the other settings, both from the camera and slaved to the good strobe. The suggestion was to slave the bad strobe and put it in TTL mode. The bad strobe does fire in that setup. My question is, will the TTL be better once slaved to the god strobe than if fired from the camera port? I sure hope so because when triggered by the camera TTL is really a crap shoot. That is, presumably the bad strobe will take its settings from the good strobe, right? Is that right? Or am I merely firing it in stupid TTL mode? Thanks.
  4. Update: so I shoot in Manual mode, which with the RX100 and the S&S strobes is the first position on the strobes, the double/pre-flash position which lights up yellow. Turns out that's the only mode not working: both the next mode single flash green light and TTL mode (blue light) are working. So I will give TTL a try and see how that goes.
  5. Hi guys, I'm here in Grand Turk on 4th day of diving and one of my S&S YS-D2's won't fire. It's been working fine all week and, unlike others, I've never had any issues with either of them. Batteries are fully charged, yellow light is on, tried new strobe cords (firing from flash of RX100-V, but I get nothing. Have re-inserted batteries, used 3 different strobe cords, switched strobe holes, nothing. Other strobe working fine. Ideas?? Thanks.
  6. Brand new, bought in October 2020, 4 dives total, pristine!! See photos. 130 degree coverage! Wide wide wide. $400 firm, shipping within CONUS included. Thanks.
  7. Hi, is this still on offer? If so, pls post photos, I am interested. Thanks.
  8. Hi @Barmaglot, hoping you see this, I just got the 6400 and had some followup questions regarding your very helpful setup notes (I'm coming from an RX100 with 2 YS-D2s): First, re Live View Display: Setting Effect OFF: I've read this in a couple of other places, emphasizing that if this is on and one is shooting in a dark room/studio with strobes, the WYSIWYG screen will be very dark and thus hard to compose. I totally get that, but in the water if you turn this off, the only way to see your background composition exposure (how blue, how dark, how light, etc.) is to take the shot and see how it looks. And I've never had the scene be so dark underwater that I couldn't compose using Live View (obviously not night dives). Also, Mark Granger has a really great video about focusing the alpha cameras in low light in which he explains that in AF-C mode Sony lenses will look for focus at the dialed in aperture (and NOT wide open) so if one is stopped down to f8 or 11 or higher, you are depriving the sensor of a lot of light necessary to focus. So his recommendation is to use AF-S in low light, because AF-S "breathes" the aperture and expands it to obtain focus, then shoots at the dialed in aperture. Really great video: So I'd be very interested to hear how you approach this. I have read elsewhere that one way is to map a Custom key to "Shot. Result Preview" in order to preview the shot: see link https://helpguide.sony.net/ilc/1810/v1/en/contents/TP0002241284.html Have you tried that? Second, why do you set the internal flash to Rear Curtain Sync? Is this because you principally shoot your strobes in TTL? How/would this work if shooting strobes in M? Finally, can you explain what you mean by your comment that you have C2 set to "WL command toggle ON/OFF for [your] TTL trigger configuration"? What is WL? Many thanks.
  9. And has anyone purchased/used the generic carbon floats on offer on eBay? https://m.ebay.com/itm/8-500g-Buoyancy-Carbon-Fiber-Float-Arm-Double-Ball-For-Underwater-Camera-System-/381861636060
  10. Would consider similar. Currently using Stix foam, looking to upgrade. Thanks.
  11. Hi all, Am looking for guidance re shooting video of the famous Big Island Manta Ray night dive, which I will be doing in July. I have the GoPro Hero Black 6, with the shallow and deep filters sold by Backscatter. I also have a Kraken 5000 lumen vid light, which as you may know is ridiculously powerful. My question is, should I use the shallow filter or not (I assume we won't be deep enough for the deep/dive filter). As you may know, Backscatter make a convincing case that, for day time shooting, one should use the dive filter AND a light for best results. Obviously, it's going to be dark for the manta dive, so I am thinking NO filter, right?? Many thanks.
  12. Selling virtually brand new LX10 (bought in January, approximately 15 dives) with multiple extras: extra OEM battery after-market battery after-market battery charger LowePro carrying pouch mini-tripod $350 firm (includes ground shipping continental USA).
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