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  1. And has anyone purchased/used the generic carbon floats on offer on eBay? https://m.ebay.com/itm/8-500g-Buoyancy-Carbon-Fiber-Float-Arm-Double-Ball-For-Underwater-Camera-System-/381861636060
  2. Would consider similar. Currently using Stix foam, looking to upgrade. Thanks.
  3. Hi all, Am looking for guidance re shooting video of the famous Big Island Manta Ray night dive, which I will be doing in July. I have the GoPro Hero Black 6, with the shallow and deep filters sold by Backscatter. I also have a Kraken 5000 lumen vid light, which as you may know is ridiculously powerful. My question is, should I use the shallow filter or not (I assume we won't be deep enough for the deep/dive filter). As you may know, Backscatter make a convincing case that, for day time shooting, one should use the dive filter AND a light for best results. Obviously, it's going to be dark for the manta dive, so I am thinking NO filter, right?? Many thanks.
  4. Selling virtually brand new LX10 (bought in January, approximately 15 dives) with multiple extras: extra OEM battery after-market battery after-market battery charger LowePro carrying pouch mini-tripod $350 firm (includes ground shipping continental USA).
  5. Hi, looking to buy Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobe (original not J model). Am in Maryland, can transact quickly. Thanks!!
  6. Hi, I'll give you $400 for the strobe, don't need or want the case. Shipping to Bethesda, Maryland. Let me know. Thanks.
  7. Hi, can you pls post the photos, I am interested. Thanks.
  8. Would need to be compatible with new Panasonic LX10.
  9. Hi everyone, Christian here, avid MSD and underwater photographer, focusing (sorry) on compact cams and setups (for travel).
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