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  1. Sven

    FS - Subal ND20

    Any serious offer will be considered. mail me at svendv (at) gmail.com I am from Antwerp area - Belgium Pictures here: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/lievealgerie
  2. Thanks Scott This Flabellina comes in very different appearances! http://www.seaslugforum.net/factsheet.cfm?base=flabrub
  3. I am very happy with mine. A +4 diopter allows you to get a bit closer to the subject, but limits the possible focus range (but that isn't really an issue as you want to be close anyway). rgds Sven
  4. colemani should have a spike on the back and I can't see this here
  5. Raja Ampat, Indonesia, about 5cm Anybody can help me with the ID ? Sven
  6. Anilao, nice. I especially like the Phyllydia and the yellow reef fish! I hope your spotter was taking care for the reef, it's probably the perspective but he's really close there!
  7. Thanks for the comments. In addition to the macros posted before, I have some wide-angles (thanks for the tip Alex). It is indeed nice to have not only the macro's but also an idea of the environment. White gorgonian in the Mediterranean Purple gorgonian in the Mediterranean Purple gorgonian in the Mediterranean. This gorgonian species needs less light, this series was in a cavern. Mediterranean, Neosimnia on yellow gorgonian. On this Gorgonian you can find a tritonia, tritonia eggs and a Mediterranean sea plume (crinoid). It was shot in a swollen sea with low visibility at 24m depth. A fan in the Indo-Pacific, a shelter for a diversity of fish.
  8. A selection of Gorgonian life taken over the last months, from the cute sea horses of the Indo-Pacific to the carnivorous creatures of the Mediterranean. All your comments and suggestions are welcome. Enjoy, Sven. --- Hippocampus bargibanti, 2!, Indo-Pacific, Wakatobi Hippocampus bargibanti, Indo-Pacific, Wakatobi Hippocampus denise, Indo-Pacific, Wakatobi Hippocampus denise, Indo-Pacific, Wakatobi Neosimnia spelta on Eucinella singularis , Mediterranean, Algeria Tritonia nilsodhneri on Eucinella singularis , Mediterranean, Algeria Curling like a spaghetti around the stem of the Gorgonian, Tritonia nilsodhneri on Eucinella singularis , Mediterranean, Algeria Carnivoreous nudi, with branchies matching the coral's polyps. Tritonia nilsodhneri on Eucinella singularis , Mediterranean, Algeria Marionia blainvillae on Leptogorgia sarmentosa , Mediterranean, Algeria
  9. Dear Leslie You're incredible. Thanks for the ID. Sven, Alex, thanks for your comments too. By the way, your book Reefs Revealed is great. I had a non diving holiday and enjoyed some coach book - diving the evenings. Beatyfull images (this was no surprise), interesting text. You can be very proud of such a book !!!
  10. I found those in 2m depth just after the beach, Algerian Mediterranean, Size 8 to 12 cm. They seem to have an anal opening on the back, see the sand pellets popping out. Anybody knows this species ? I had never seen them before but now there where several of them. Thanks Sven. pm. I had a macro lens, couldn't take a full shot
  11. Nice. I would try to isolate them a bit more from the background. It's a very 'busy' image like this, hard to get attention on the blennies.
  12. Some more info about this issue: 2005 tutorial by Denny Tang on using inverted blurred layer: http://www.graphics.com/modules.php?name=S...e&artid=178 If there is any red present in the red channel, manually adjusting the levels might help well, quickly and with full control. If not, you can try to create some kind of red channel, but I have to admit I have no good experience with it yet. http://www.focusindepth.com/pdfs/Photoshop...%20tutorail.pdf Converting to black and white is sometimes the best option to me. Sven.
  13. Wow ... the wonder of the reefs has no boundaries ! Great shots.
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