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  1. Hello!

    Due to medical issues and diving, I am forced to sell all my UW gear.

    I have Subal Housings for Nikon F-5 and D-200 cameras, flat and domes ports, extension rings, Nikonos Ikelight and Sea & Sea strobes, arms, cases.

    Nothing has ever been flooded and all cared for with love.

    Please contact me directly with questions at: hal@silvermanstudio.com

    Thank you!


  2. The information stated here so far is correct, but what I feel is the most important reason for "ETTR" was not mentioned, and that is digital noise. We all know the limited light conditions underwater, and the inherent problem of underexposure. When digital information is underexposed, chips will strain to record information in the deeper values, and in doing so will produce digital noise. This noise is intensified as you move darker on the value scale. The theory of "exposing the right" gives more light to the shadow areas, thus reducing digital noise in the darker values. In post production, one has the ability to darken the shadow areas or the entire image. Reducing luminosity will not increase digital noise. Conversely, brightening an underexposed file will intensify the digital noise in an image. There is a great book out there for those interested in reading. The Digital Negative by Jeff Schewe. In my opinion, Jeff Schewe is a true digital guru, so much that Adobe hires him as a consultant. Best, Hal www.silvermanstudio.com

  3. I have the following lenses for sale:


    AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 17-55mm f/2.8G IF-ED


    AF-S DX Zoom-NIKKOR 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED


    Both are in ex+ condition.


    Make a reasonable offer for one or both!


    Will only ship C.O.D. in the USA.


    Send me a note if you want jpgs.



  4. Please view the attached images of this pristine gear. The camera has less than normal wear, and the dome/viewfinder is boxed and in mint condition. This Aquatica dome allows you to use any of your own lenses with this Nikonos. The 16mm lens IS NOT FOR SALE, but there to show function. I am accepting any reasonable offers. Please contact me with any questions.






  5. Shoot in manual mode. As long as your strobe is in a stationary position, your exposure for the area being illuminated will not change.

    However, you can change your shutter speed to pick up any ambient light. If your shutter speed is fast, the background will go dark. If you drag your shutter(slow down) the ambient light will come into play, and the background will become lighter.

    Now, the tricky part is when the ambient light overpowers the strobe, THEN you have to make adjustments accordingly.

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