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  1. Intrigued by this discussion, I looked at the olympus supplied grease PSOLG-3 (for the PT-EP13 housing, but maybe for others too). It says "Silicone grease". It says "Silicone Grease, only for Silicone O-Ring". I assume there's some subtlty I'm missing, since it seems to contradict the above chart. Probably the name doesn't really tell much about the chemical composition.
  2. I've had my Olympus PT-EP13 for a wacking 8 dives, faithfully greasing the o-ring before every outing (2 dives at the most). This seems to be the manufacturer's recommendation. I don't really mind, but I wonder if this is maybe a bit overkill. I'm headed on a liveaboard and I'm wondering if I really need to grease the O-ring 4 or 5 times a day, So how faithful are people with this in general?
  3. I'm soon to set off on my first plan trip with underwater gear. I plan to carry on a smallish rig with a housed EM5-II and a Sea&Sea YS01 strobe. I've heard people talk about taking the o-rings out of housings so that they don't vacuum seal because of lower pressure in airplane cabins. Is that a worry for strobes as well? I guess the air cavity in the YS-01 is much smaller. Any words of wisdom?
  4. The strobe, arm, tray, and FO cable arrive OK, and I left positive feedback the pinned thread.
  5. Bough the strobe, tray, arm, and FO cable from AceszHigh at http://wetpixel.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=61406. Hardware is as pictured, and the strobe and FO cable seem to work fine. Everything was very well packed. No problems with the transaction, including shipping from USA to Canada.
  6. By the way, do you include a clamp to attach the arm to the tray?
  7. Are the strobes bare, or do you include sync cords or YS/ball adapters? I thought they came with an integral YS-adapter, but your photo makes me doubt that. Approximately how many dives on the strobes? Oh, and where are you shipping from, and where are you willing to ship to?
  8. OK thanks, that's the kind of feedback I was interested in.
  9. Which articulated arms do you mean? The flex arms, the ball+clamp arms, or both?
  10. @Vondo I'm in eastern Canada (E3B 1N9). Not sure what the postage would be like.
  11. I'm looking for a tray+arm to to attach a small strobe (inon S2000 or S&S YS01) to an Olympus PT-EP13 housing. I see most of the "starter packages" using some kind of flex arm on a polycarbonate or lightweight aluminum tray . For roughly the same price, Meikon [1] is selling a basic single segment aluminum tray + arm. This seems like the kind of thing where a lesser known manufacturer might be a reasonable choice. Aside from weight (I guess the polycarbonate setup is lighter), any other considerations/opinions? [1] https://meikon.com.hk/collections/aluminium-tray-and-handle-for-underwater-camera-housings/products/camdive-black-aluminium-diving-handle-for-underwater-camera-housings-advanced
  12. @ComeFromAway We're neighbours. I live in NB. I ended up ordering a housing and body from henrys.ca. Through boxing day discounts this ended up matching the bundle deal available from Backscatter and Blue Water (but notably not from Mozaik). The downside is now I have to wait a long time for a "special order" item.
  13. So are there any remaining specialty insurance options for non-USA residents? Or is a house insurance rider the only option?
  14. Sorry if this is uncool, I know some forums are sensitive about endorsing shops. I live in rural-ish Canada, so shopping locally isn't really an option. Are there a standard set of places that people look for underwater gear? I found Backscatter, Blue Water photo, and divervision.com. Oh, and Mosaik, in Canada.
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