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  1. I did a shallow dive with it and it seems fine, much better than the electronic zoom.
  2. So far so good. I've tried it in the housing on land and it seems to smoothly zoom in manual zoom mode.
  3. It looks like Kraken is Canadian, it would be nice to save crossing the border twice. Is there a dealer in Canada? Mozaik doesn't look like the stock them.
  4. I'm looking at http://www.divervision.com/tray-arm/howshot-adjustable-right-grip-HB-ET-02.html and wondering if it would attach to the end of my ultralight TR-D. Probably I should not be such a cheapskate and just spend the extra USD25 on ULCS parts. Still, inquiring minds want to know... Related, are there any North American Howshot dealers? I have my eye on a Howshot wetlens holder for my PT-EP13.
  5. By the way, does anyone know any details about the flash-trigger Sea&Sea is supposed to be introducing?
  6. I imagine a Sea & Sea YS-01 would be a good start. I have one on my EM5-II that I use for "macro" (not really macro, but shooting from 25-35 cm) a fair amount. The TTL seems work pretty well, very few over/under-exposed closeups. I would suggest you have two sections of arm (or a long flexi-arm) to position the strobe. I don't have any personal experience, but the new backscatter "ministrobe" claims to be targeted right at your use case.
  7. EVA was also strict when I flew Taipei to Vancouver in 2018. But as in quite a few of these stories, they didn't care that I carried the stuff that I removed from the roller. My roller contains two padded soft bags with handles, so not too annoying. Of course I put the soft bags back in the roller at the gate.
  8. I've ordered the AOI gear from BH photo (shipping to Canada was more sensible for a low value item than what Backscatter proposed). I will report to the many interested people how it works out.
  9. Interesting. I would have expected the Inon ucl-165 to behave similarly to the Subsee +5. OTOH, I guess the 14-42 has quite a bit shorter minimum focusing distance than the 12-50, so you indeed might not see much improvement.
  10. This actually looks nicer (and cheaper) than the uw-pix one, unless I'm confused about what a PPO-EP01 port is. http://www.divervision.com/howshot-m67-mount-base-120-for-olympus-ppo-ep01-flat-port-RM67-120P.html
  11. Hopefully someone who is more familar with vimeo will chime in. I have definitely watched videos there before, so I guess it is just a matter of finding the right URL to share.
  12. Thanks! Apparently the new one is called the "YS-01 Solis", and is available for sortof-pre-order (no price) at bluewater.
  13. Here's another affordable looking one, although I can't tell what housings it works with. https://www.aoi-uw.com/products/accesories/aoi-lg-om-1250ez.html
  14. I saw (somewhere) that the Sea & Sea YS-01 was getting a refresh, and a slightly new model number. Of course I can't find that now, but I'm curious since I'm thinking of picking up a second YS-01, and either improved features or depressing the price of the used ones would be good from that point of view. Does anyone have more info about the new YS-01? Or did I hallucinate the whole thing?
  15. Hi Jon; Thanks for sharing, but I think we need a different link to watch the video; I get asked to login to vimeo.
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