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  1. I recently took advantage of the sale price being offered on the Kraken 3500s and hooked them up to my existing stills rig to take the plunge into video. A few wreck dives and some reefs shots and this is the result. All in all the lights worked extremely well. I probably should have sprung for the 5000s, but honestly I think I'm better off saving the extra cash for a better camera option in the future as the image quality on my aging D7000 was not ideal. Wide angle was with a Tokina 10-17mm fisheye fitted with a red magic filter. I switched from a 60mm macro to a 35mm prime for "macro", as I found the field of view far too narrow with a 60mm. I have to say it all turned out to be a lot harder than some of the videos I see make it look! Granted this was only 2 days of diving (4 dives total), but stabilization was definitely a hurdle! Now I guess it's time to start saving for a better camera haha...enjoy!
  2. Hello! Have been shooting stills with a variety of setups over the years and just recently got into videography, eager to share my creations!
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