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  1. Banded it is then, the Blackbelly is much smaller in size. Keep an eye out for them though!
  2. Any other photos? Size? BHB, so habitat would be 15-22 ft thereabouts? Looking at the link you posted, the photo of the juvenile does come very close in looks to your photo.The BBB is quite a bit smaller in size than the BB.
  3. Your little fish in question is a Blackbelly Blenny Stathmonotus hemphilii. Nice rare find!!
  4. Really? I can see them. .Perhaps not in as much detail but they are there!
  5. Trust me, sponge, perhaps a variant of Black Ball, but not a coral. Closer view of same type sponge ,seen many times diving waters surrounding island.
  6. Black Ball Sponge, fairly common around the island on shallow reefs.. https://reefguide.org/blackball.html
  7. Yes, Adam, thanks. Fortunately mine did not involve the transfer of money.
  8. Next time, check your email address for typos! Very disappointed.
  9. Huckster, I told this person I was interested, I asked for a paypal account, he sent me an addy that was ail.com as opposed to aol. com I sent him an email to verify at which time he tells me item was sold in interim. I would not recommend trying to do business with this person. Cynthia
  10. Please message me with confirming Paypal acct info.. thanks
  11. Adam, Check out various artists of nudibranch magnets and such by doing a search on Etsy, using terms nudibranchs and sea slugs. A number of sources available, although not sure about any being local for you.. Good luck Cindy
  12. Have seen similar in the Caribbean, check out details for the Atlantic white spotted Octopus/Callistoctopus macropus on Wikipedia.. I
  13. Hi, I might be interested in your Canon 60mm macro ..Condition, age, amount of use, price depending of course. thx Cindy
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