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  1. Yes, Adam, thanks. Fortunately mine did not involve the transfer of money.
  2. Next time, check your email address for typos! Very disappointed.
  3. Huckster, I told this person I was interested, I asked for a paypal account, he sent me an addy that was ail.com as opposed to aol. com I sent him an email to verify at which time he tells me item was sold in interim. I would not recommend trying to do business with this person. Cynthia
  4. Please message me with confirming Paypal acct info.. thanks
  5. Adam, Check out various artists of nudibranch magnets and such by doing a search on Etsy, using terms nudibranchs and sea slugs. A number of sources available, although not sure about any being local for you.. Good luck Cindy
  6. Have seen similar in the Caribbean, check out details for the Atlantic white spotted Octopus/Callistoctopus macropus on Wikipedia.. I
  7. Hi, I might be interested in your Canon 60mm macro ..Condition, age, amount of use, price depending of course. thx Cindy
  8. Believe it's probably a Tunicate of some sort.
  9. Yes, Looked at your photos and these are indeed the Hy6droid Shrimp, Rapipontonia galena, that I was referring to that you might also find on these type of hydroids in the Caribbean as well!! They are much larger than the Skeleton Shrimp. which probably look like the unfocused blob areas your referring to. Something to look forward to next dive trip then.. Yes, you'll need to add a good diopter for these guys, they are teeny tiny..Tim has a bit of an advantage as those in Indo although still small, are some what larger than those we find in Cayman, etc.. Do you dive with AKR by chance while on Roatan? I have a very good friend who works there who excels at macro hunting..
  10. Hydroids for sure, and looks like a few Skeleton Shrimp hanging about amidst the branches.
  11. Probably a Juvenile Graysby, Cephalopholis cruentatus. The white line down the forehead, a distinguishing characteristic, sponges common habitat for youngsters.
  12. Branching Anemone Lebrunia danae pg 41 Reef Creature Identification Book, 3rd Edition, Florida, Bahamas, Caribbean. We see this some what frequently diving Grand Cayman as well.
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