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  1. Is your transformer 2 prong (ungrounded) or 3 prong (grounded) on both sides? Cause the short extension cords are 2 prong and the power strip/surge protectors are 3 prong, I am deciding between the two.
  2. Ok, I am going to Fiji and I need to plug in my laptop and my battery chargers. Fiji is 240-50Hz. My laptop power converter says it has an input of 100-240V 50/60Hz, so I am assuming it will work without a transformer and only a plug adapter, am I right or do I still need a transformer? For my chargers I think will need a converter and a plug adapter. Something that will convert 240 to 110 and 50 to 60, and then the Austrailian style plug adapters. What do all of you use? I found an int'l converter and universal plug adaptor at www.thomas-distributing.com but I am not sure if this is what I need. Does Radioshack have any of this? Any help would be great, thanks in advance.
  3. The 2000s work great for me! I highly recommend them.
  4. Tom, Since you have been to Truk, what kind of dives did you do? I have been told that I will be doing bounce dives on regular air. What did you do while there? Thanks Chris
  5. Hi everyone, My name is Chris Joens and I currently live in Colorado Springs, CO. I am 21 and in the Air Force. I have only been diving for about a year but I have been moving along quite quickly. I am currently a master diver and I will be upgrading to instructor in April. I will be teaching open water, advanced, rescue diver, and eventually nitrox and masters. I am in the US Air Force Academy SCUBA club and most of our diving is for training and it is in fairly cold water. So most of my diving is in Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. If you are ever at Blue Hole and see a bunch of college students around feel free to say hey. I wear an O'neill neoprene drysuit. I mostly dive dry and because of school I have only been able to dive in one other location than NM. That was Blue Springs state park in FL (where I am from originally). BUT, there is hope, I am going to Truk, Micronesia in about a week and a half so that should be a lot of fun, and I get to try out my new strobe. YAY!! I became interested in UW photography when I went to Blue Springs and swam by the manatees and wished I could take a picture UW. So as soon as I came home I started looking for a camera. I found this site and a few others, this site has been so much help. I finally got around to purchasing an Oly C4040Z with Ikelite housing and Inon Macro Lense. I just purchased an Ikelite DS-50 with deluxe arm. I have only been shooting UW digital since February so I have a lot to learn, and I think this site is great for a guy like me. I am the first person to go digital in my club so now I am in charge of taking pictures for our website. I also used my camera to make some training videos. This is really my first experience with photography so I am just jumping in and learning as I go. A few of my hobbies are of course SCUBA, Archery, cars, trucks, and planes. I look forward to getting my photos critiqued and hopefully being able to offer some advice of my own some day. Thanks Eric for the great site and thanks everyone else for the great advice. Keep it up!!
  6. Thanks for the help, this really sheds some light on this subject since you have actually been to Truk recently. I think the guy in my club is refering to some other area of diving. Oh, and he has never been there before either. Thanks Delta
  7. I don't think they meant specifically Truk but more small airports with no security. The guy that told me is going on the trip with me. He said that the security guards would just walk off with it. Even if I put it in my luggage it could still be taken. Delta
  8. I am going to Truk Micronesia in a few weeks and I was told not to bring my laptop because it might get stolen. Does anyone have an opinion on this or some experience/recommendations to offer? Thanks
  9. That would work except I have Ikelite Deluxe ball arms.
  10. I have the Inon Macro lense for the Ike 6130.2. Does anyone know of a lense dock option for this setup, it gets real annoying having to carry that lense on my BC. Thanks!!
  11. I need a strobe before 20th March. I have an Oly 4040z with Ikelite housing. I am looking for the Ikelite DS-50 or a Sea & Sea YS-90 compatible strobe. New ones are just a little too much money, Please help! Come on, you know you want to sell it and get a newer one. Thanks
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