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  1. Have you tired to go monovision? I use my left eye for distance so my mask left lens has -1.0 diopter and my right eye gets the -2.0 diopter for reading vision. Found a good mask with wide range of diopters minus and plus. Spirit2 with single vision diopters in both eyes around $72 Here's a mask with bifocal lenses custom ground to your regular vision from Snorkel-Mart.com for $269.95 http://www.snorkel-mart.com/detail.cfm?ProductID=120&AllocatedProductID=119
  2. If your DS-200 does not put out a preflash, then yes the slave strobe should fire at the right time but I suspect it might be a full dump.
  3. I use the HW Digital Adapter with my old analog Ikelite Substrobes 50's & a SS300. I prefer to shoot my camera in manual exposure mode so the digital adapter only needs to slave trigger to fire the strobe. The plus part is that it simulates a TTL control while my camera is in manual exposure mode. When I tried my camera in AUTO or Programmed exposure modes, I had to reconfigure the digital adapter to skip the preflash my camera's internal strobe put out and then fire the flash with the TTL control. Very nice, it works but I still prefer to shoot my camera in Manual exposure mode. PM me if you need help.
  4. You can shoot RAW now if you use the CHDK hack to override your Powershot s80's operation. It's Free and on 9/10/2010 the movie clip mode works with optical zooming, RAW files are basic RAW, use DNG converter to fix your image files before using your editor program on them.
  5. As others have said your Canon PS G10 will not put out a preflash while in manual exposure mode. Don't forget to lower the output power on your G10's internal flash just enough to trigger the SS200 on slave mode. If the SS200 slave trigger is too finicky to mess with or frustrates you , then you can rig up a fiber optic connection that would help out on making sure the SS200 is really fired when your internal flash goes off. Don't forget to force the internal flash on. Hold the strobe back to vary the amount of strobe light your shot will get or if the SS200 has output flash power control, then try out the lower settings. If it were my housing and G10, I would abandon the Canon housing and go for another one that has a strobe bulkhead so you can use a hard wired connected strobe. There are special adapters i.e. Heinrich Wiekamp Digital Adapter cables that will allow you to reuse these old analog strobes. Watch out for the newer housings that will lock you in to wideangle only before you enter the ocean! Get one that allows you to switch while underwater. Much cheaper than buying a new strobe. Good Luck! Charlie
  6. Found newer strobes that do slave triggering and TTL with an overrides to the number of preflashes your camera will fire before the real flash. Fantasea Remora for $185USD Sea&Sea YS-27DX $260-349USD Ikelite DS-51 $379USD I still use my Hienrich Wiekamp's Digital Adapter2 with my nikon connected Ikelite Substrobes but I can not switch the preflash override easily (IMHO) underwater. So I have to decide on shooting manual exposure mode or shutter-preferred mode before I leave the house. I use old Ikelite substrobes which do NOT have enough power to go thru the 5 menu configuration so this is my handicap (the strobes). I reset the configurations using my Substrobe 300 at 1/4 power so I can make it thru the DA2's 5 menu configuration.
  7. My Ikelite housing for my Canon Powershot S80 does not fog up at all. I use a plastic cleaner on the inside of the lens port. The cleaner contains a defogger. The water temps are 75-82F and I prepare my camera in a cool temperature garage before I close it up and go diving. On one boat dive for 57mins. 45-50ft depth I shot 159 images, note my internal flash output is set to the lowest setting just enough to trigger my external flash. If you are NOT using a ext. strobe then you may not have the option to lower the output power of the internal flash. If you have to open the housing when it's hot, then try to do your work in the shade before closing up the housing. Try these tips out and let us know what works or not for you. It's good to share experiences. Charlie
  8. If you are not handy with drills or hack saws, then you'll be stuck with whatever housing brand's limitation on what strobe arms systems that can be easily attached to what you decide to get. I chose the Ikelite system, while it's tray design favors their strobe arms I don't use them. I made my own, but I do use the ikelite ball joints on 1" and 1.25" balls. If you really wanta know the difference between the Canon cheapie housing vs the Ikelite, take them both down to 100 feet of depth underwater and you'll see the difference in how the buttons operate or not. You'll see that the buttons don't match up nicely on the Canon housing since it's a thinner plastic housing so it'll flex more at depth. Ikelite is my choice even though it's a heavy housing and tray. It won't just hang on one of your BC D-rings like the Canon ones but I'm betting that the photos when using the Ikelite housing come out better. For the strobe flash shadow problem the diffuser is meant to be used for the close up shots. This is a common problem with all point and shoot housings. Just some housings are more noticeable than others. I DO NOT use the diffuser but instead use the one that blocks the internal flash so my external flash will be the one to light the image only. I am planning to drill out the handle grip on the Ikelite double handle tray so I can remove it to attach/bolt on my old Nikonos SB101 strobe to the Ikelite tray. When I go back to the needing the double handles I just bolt the handle back on. Go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uw_canon_powershots/ to see what's being done with the Powershot S70 and S80's. They have a photo area you might look at to see how the housings are rigged up. Good Luck on your choices, Charlie Eng
  9. To see how I got out of my problems with misconfiguring the HW DA2 go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uw_canon_powershots/ Charlie Eng
  10. I asked Matthias what the magnet was for and this was his reply: Hello Charlie, The magnet is required to change the settings of the adapter according to the manual: http://www.heinrichsweikamp.net/blitz/da_manual_e.htm When using the S80 with the old (non-DS) Ikelite 50, the settings 2-2-1-1-1 are suitable (One preflash is suppressed). regards, Matthias So now temptation got the best of me and I tried unsucessfully to changed the DA2 to the suggested setting for my Canon Powershot S80 use with the Ikelite Substrobe 50 and bungled it up I think. Has anyone modified the settings of the DA2 adapter, I'd like to ask if you can better describe how I'm supposed to interept the low ttl flashes and the pauses between them. I read the manual and am still at a loss.
  11. Take a peek at our yahoogroup that's dedicated to UW Canon Powershots, we just started it so it doesn't have a whole lot of messages yet. It's free to use, but you have to join it. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uw_canon_powershots/
  12. Great input! Yesterday Canon USA confirmed that my Powershot S80 while in manual mode control (of aperture and shutter) does not preflash. So leaving the SS50 in TTL mode with Heinrichs Digital Adapter OA should work for my camera setup as you have confirmed by doing a test with the SS50's. Thanks so much for helping the Powershot S80 users! I'm glad I can re-use my old Ikelite Substrobes. Charlie Eng
  13. Has anyone used Heinrichs Weikamps Digital Adapter with Ikelite analog (NON-Digital) SS50, ss100,ss300 strobes? If you have experiences with this setup or similar please tell me how you got it to work/settings etc. as well as what does work and what doesn't. Thanks!
  14. Hi Pascal, I started a new Yahoogroup for UW CAnon PS S80 users, http://groups.yahoo.com/group/uw_canon_powershots/ It's open to all powershot users for UW Photo. Please join and contribute what you find out about your S80. I'm shooting the same digicam also in a Ikelite Housing. Charlie Eng email: Charlieeng@hawaii.rr.com
  15. Since I covered up/Blocked off my internal strobe housing wndow, will the new S&S YS-110 strobe's DS-TTL work if I: 1. set my digicam's internal flash output to the lowest setting 2. non of the internal flash's light will be seen by the digicam 3. only the light from the YS-110 will be seen Thanks for any replies, Charlie Eng
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