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  1. It is your feedback on this website (and others) that made the progress possible. Cheers,
  2. Instead of using the 20mm from the 18-70mm Nikon lens, we returned to the 14mm of the Tokina 12-24 lens. Working closer together means less dust between the camera and the model. I just shouted "toc-toc" under water. The model knows I'm ready now. Evelyne brings her hand above the surface and quickly pulls it back to get some airbubbles on the picture. Notice the raindrops (splashing water of course) to right of Evelyne's head. Also her eyes are starting to turn red because of the chloor in the water. It is time to put on sunglasses... Here are the sunglasses... The airbubbles are cause by a tank and regulator behind the back of the model.
  3. Our latest session... Too much dust in the pool, hence this solution.. One last one...
  4. Folks, After having received your feedback we went back into the pool again and tried to go for pictures where "the underwater" element is more obvious. This time I used a Nikon 17-70mm lens (instead of the 12-24mm) from Tokina. Using the same Ikelite 8" doom. I got the impression that I suffered more from CA with the Nikon lens at 18mm then with the Tokina at 15mm. We used buddy lines and ribbons to strengthen the "underwater idea". The black & white (picture 2) is my favorite. Evelyne, the model likes the picture 4. I do not like it all that much… Picture 1: Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Cheers,
  5. Thanks for the feedback. The WB setting was a deliberate choice. The bikini is not white but somewhat creamy. I shot at 4800 Kelvin (Ikelite flashes) and later added changed the setting in Camera Raw to flash and I added some orange in dual tone split. After that, I did add some orange and red in Camera Raw because I wanted to avoid the pale ("dead corps") skin she had last time. Evelyne has a quit pale skin. But based on your feedback I have exaggerated, so I changed colorbalance to become more neutral (but not completly). Thanks. On the eyes shadows. I would guess that the flash on the right was too high. Would you agree? I planned to go into to the water with 1 flash on the camera and extra flash on a tripod (using an optical slave), but the tripod broke before I could take one picture. Do you have some advice on how to position (and use) the two flashes to avoid shadows around the eyes.
  6. Well we did another try yesterday evening. Pink and white were the colors. I had a 3 by 4.5 m black cloth as background. Fixed with weight at the border of the swimming pool and at bottom. Well, I used a 15mm lens to be reasonably close to the model because of the dust and dirt in our swimming pool. Framing the model (with floating clothes) became somewhat of an issue. I had to get very close and the there is of course the barrel effect... Furthermore Evelyne has problems with her buoyancy. Hence we forced to have a weight belt or weights around the ankles. Based upon the feedback on this website, we tried to get some more floating clothes. It did work very well because the problems mentioned above. But it was a good learning experience. Lesson learned: 1) I'm going to enlarge to black cloth to 4.5 and 4.5 meters. 2) I'll use my 18-70mm lens next time. This one is my favorite of this shoot...
  7. Thanks for your feedback Paul. You are right, flowing clothing will enhance the pictures.
  8. We wanted to expand our underwater photography by taking pictures with a model under water. Feedback the model received that she needed to be more relaxed. Certainly near the end of the shoot she loosed up. We went for a red-white combination (because we had stuff...). Next week we are going to try new postures in a pink-white combination.... Any feedback I you have for us...
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