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  1. I haven't met any of the collectors there. We did dive to about 150 on that site looking for the same fish that they collect there. Helfrich's firefish. There was actually a good number of them down there, something I didn't expect. I have never seen cyanide damage in person, only in pictures. I didn't see any evidence of it there, its not known to be used in the Marshalls. The fish they dive that spot for are _very easy_ to catch with a net. I don't support them writing in corals, I certainly found it alarming. Thats one of the reasons I took so many pictures, I was going to send one to the paper there. It would certainly be better to use a float of some sort. There werent any dead or bleached tables in that area that would suggest they are dying from this. There were areas on corals that appeared to have been carved in the past that were completely healed. I propagate corals for a living, specifically Acropora sp. so I am quite familiar with how fast they grow. Again, im not supporting what they do, it is certainly an eyesore.
  2. I actually shot every picture with the 18-70 lens that comes with the camera. I never used my 60mm on this trip.
  3. I got back a few days ago from my 4th trip to the Marshall Islands. This was my second time using my D70/Ikelite Housing/2x DS-125 setup. I think I did quite a bit better than my last trip, but I owe a lot of it to shooting RAW. That really saved a lot of my pictures, however at about 10min of work per image, it took me about 30 hours to get the images done and the pages made. Everything worked pretty good for me on the trip, the zoom gear on my housing stripped out but I was sort of able to fix it. I did miss a few photos because of it though. Here are the new pictures: http://www.dustindorton.com/diving/RMI_Feb..._2005/index.htm So far everyone wants to know whats up with the letters in the corals. The fish collectors that dive that specific site dive deep to get fish. They leave the fish to decompress in cups at that depth for a couple days. They mark the spot so they know where to find them since they hide them under the tables. I think they must also get bored during their deco stop and mess around a bit. The corals seem to recover very well from it though. The depth they scratch into them should only take a couple weeks to regrow.
  4. Thats the one. Its on the last page of the September issue of Scuba Diving too. Looks like they cleaned up some of the bubbles or something for the cover of that german magazine though.
  5. Eric, that sea turtle picture in the back of Scuba Diving magazine looks crazy. Almost like a 3d cartoon. How did you get that picture? Dustin
  6. The washer fix worked great. I was worried that the screw might back out since it doesnt go in quite as far now, but there were no problems. I spent so much time worrying about aperature and strobe power and not enough time worrying about where my strobes were pointed. I think after a few more years of practice I might get the hang of the new setup. I only did one dive with the macro lens, I should have used it more.
  7. Pretty much drop in and get to your max depth right away then work your way back up the wall and finish out your dive at 20 feet or so on top of the reef. Most of your deco time is burnt off coming up the wall. On the deepest dives we still had saftey stops.
  8. The people I dive with there are really into deep diving. They spent a lot of time at Bikini where your shallowest dives are over 150feet. We hit 120 to 140 on just about every dive on the oceanside of the atolls. We hit 180 on a couple of dives and just over 200 on another.
  9. I got back a few days ago from the marshall islands and finally have all my pictures online. This was my first time diving with the d70. My previous camera was an oly 5050 in a pt-015 housing and a single ds-125 strobe with a ttl sensor. I upgraded that to a d70 in an ikelite housing with two ds-125 strobes. I liked the ikelite housing, I just wish the viewfinder could magnify the tiny view finder on the d70 better. I had to use the lcd panel on top of the camera to set my aperature. My mask and regulator hit the back of the housing just rite so that I had it at an angle where I couldnt see that tiny bottom line very often. Because of the limited viewfinder visibility I never noticed that the camera was set to focus on an area other than the center on two dives. I also had too short of a port for the 18-70 and the diopter gouged it. Luckily the scratches arent visible in my pictures. I have little photography experience, I have never owned a SLR camera before this. I thought it was going to be impossible to set everything underwater and live without TTL. It wasnt impossible, but it certainly wasnt enjoyable. I can't wait until they have TTL figured out for the ikelite housing. Its so time consuming to set so many different dials and knobs for each picture. Only to reset them all for a shot 10 feet up the wall. Especially on really deep dives. I would rather take the shot with TTL, review it and adjust manually if necessary. So, here are the pictures. Most of them arent that great, I was pretty clueless with this thing underwater. http://www.dustindorton.com/diving/july_ma...halls/index.htm
  10. Looks like I did have the wrong size port. Simple mistake I guess. The scratches never showed up in any of my pictures though, so thats good.
  11. In every pool dive I did, and all the land testing the lens never hit the port. Now after yesterdays dives it does. It does it underwater and it does it on land. The only thing I changed in thge housing was adding some washers on the gear that spins the aperature dial, that actually pushed the camera back in the housing, not forward to the port. I have no idea why it started. I shot 350 pics today I sohuld be able to tell if the scratch is noticeable. I dont know if I got the wrong port, there are no numbers on it and the boxes are at home.
  12. I have the Ikelite housing and the suggested dome port for the 18-70 with the +4 tiffen diopter on. I was just getting ready to head out for another dive and and when putting the dome port back on notcied there is a nice half moon shaped cut on the inside of the port. In the pool there were no problems with it hitting, I dont know if the deeper dives I have done are compressing the port against the housing further than expected or not. Is there anything I can do to the port while I am out here in the Marshall Islands or is it time to shoot macro the entire trip?
  13. I just put in 6 #2 washers. I tried 7 first but it seemed too tight. I am gonna hit the pool again tonight and see how it works.
  14. Ok, that sounds easy then. I thought you were using a hard to find washer. When you said 6 of them stacked to 1/32 I envisioned something paper thin.
  15. Hmm, im not sure if I will have time to get the parts for that fix. I leave for the Marshall Islands on Sunday. I just got my 5505 port for my macro lens today, I will have a chance to test my quick fix with the tape tomorrow night in the pool.
  16. Even after cranking it down pretty hard it started to slip away in the pool yesterday. When I got home I took a piece of the rubber sticky tape that comes with the lens clamp and made one round on the black plastic peg cover that is on the right side behind the camera. I think it will push it just far enough forward that I wont have to worry about it again. I should be in the pool with it again today and I will see if it works.
  17. Do you think i could add in something to space it further out. I was thinking the best thing would be an extra one of the plastic covers that is on the end of some of the controls. I just need to find something like that to try.
  18. I have a d70 and an Ikelite housing, I just got it on Friday and I had it in the pool for a few hours today. Sometimes the aperature dial in front of the shutter button doesnt contact the rubber dial spinner in the housing properly. I am not sure if I am doing something wrong or not. I tried to reseat the camera in the housing a few times and it still happens. I found that If I press down firmly on the AE-L/AF-L button on the ikelte housing it will push the camera forward just enough for the dial to rotate again. Its almost as if it needs another 1/64" of rubber on the spinner part. I probably should email ikelite directly but I was hoping for a quick answer from you guys since I plan on hitting the pool again tonight. Thanks
  19. Walmart.com had them in stock for about 30 min today on their site. I called every store within 50 miles of me and none of them had ever carried it. By the time I got done with the phone calls, it was out of stock again! I think it will calm down soon, the market is beginnng to crash on those drives on ebay. Dustin
  20. Hello, I upgraded from my oly 5050 setup to a d70 setup and I have some questions for you guys about strobe use. From my old setup I have a ds-125 and the TTL sensor. I am trying to figure out what new equipment I will need for the new camera since I will probably go with two strobes. 1. I saw the thread in this forum about the Subal housing for the sb-800 flash. Will this flash perform well underwater? I already have the sb-800 and it seems like one less thing to buy, even though the housing costs about as much as a ds-125. 2. Can a housed sb-800 work with a ds-125? What would the cable situation be? Would one over power the other? 3. I need to switch my ttl sensor out for a manual controller on the ds-125, if I were to go with a second ds-125 instead of the housed sb-800 what does the second ds-125 run off of? A ttl sensor aimed at the other strobe, or a second manual controller. Thanks Dustin
  21. Yeah, I know everything gets replaced. I would just hate to buy a camera thats "outdated" a month later.
  22. I am ready to make the upgrade from a consumer camera to a dslr (I think). I have been looking at the S2. I found a couple of places online that talk of rumors of some kind of new Fuji camera, likely a S2 replacement, coming out around February. Anybody here know anything? Dustin
  23. I ordered this lens from a company in Japan, it wasnt available in the US yet when I bought it. Is there a US olympus service place I can send it to? Dustin
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