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  1. Thanks Ryan, I suspected it would be "less than stellar" with an FX sensor beind a dome. What's it like topside?
  2. Firstly, has anyone tried the new Nikkor 20mm f/1.8 ED lens underwater? Secondly, has anyone managed to get hold of one in the UK yet? The lens was said to be available in the UK in September, to date as far as I know none of our usual retailers has had them in stock. The spec looks suitable for use UW with a minimum focus distance of 200mm from the camera's focal plane and a nice perspective for a wide(ish) rectilinear lens.
  3. I've had a little play with PS comparing the D810 and D800, the overlay shows that there are very minor differences between the two. The new info button (video I think) is the only new control that wouldn't have corresponding access with existing housings. The D810's info button on the cameras back along with the top control for video (red button), exposure compensation and on/off switch appear to be slightly out too. But as you can see from the images below the D810 just might fit existing D800 housings (Fingers crossed)
  4. Santika resort with Thalassa dive centre is right on the northern Manado coast meaning the best Bunaken sites are only ten to fifteen minutes away and they run regular day trips to Gangga and Lembeh so the best of both worlds, The sun sets directly behind Manado Tua here too giving you something to shoot topside before hitting the Bintang in the bar ... Perfect There's also mangroves which are diveable at high tide right next to the boat jetty.
  5. I had a similar problem with my Subal ND800 with the 3 o'clock button on the game pad controller not lining up properly when under pressure (underwater) I had to return it to Subal for re-calibration, it took them just a week to sort it out, works fine now. I think there were a few teething problems with this particular housing model with such fine tolerances on the controls.
  6. Thanks for your reply Alan, I've also tried the D800 in my older D300 Subal with white connectors and there's no limit to the shutter speed either, that's why I was thinking it may be a camera / menu problem. I reset the menu to the default settings .... no change .... and was worried there might be a fault with the camera, so thank you for trying the different camera / subal / strobe combi's, you've put my mind at rest. I can live with it, although I'll need to be a little more disciplined when shooting and keep an eye on the settings (no bad thing). As I said earlier there's also the fibre optic route which solves all the problems and in reality I'd have to have a seriously productive set of dives to drain the battery. Nige
  7. Just tried that Alex and same results. It's not a big problem just annoying as I sometimes get lost in the moment and inadvertently wind the shutter speed up past its limit and see the shutter shadow in the final image. I totally agree. Shooting at 1/400th plus is a great option for sunbursts and with the extra MP's on the D800 cropping out the shutter shadow's no problem I'd just like the choice of locking the max speed to 1/320th. There's also the option of fibre optic synchs. I've used them, and really like the advantages this gives but with the pop-up in use for nearly all the shots the battery takes a hammering (even at minimum power). Nige
  8. I'm having a slight problem with my D800 and Subal combination with regards to hard wired Inon Z240's. The camera doesn't recognise that there are off-board strobes attached and therefore won't limit the shutter speed. I usually shoot at 1/320th (FP auto) but on this setting with the hot shoe connector in the housing attached I can wind the shutter speed up to the cameras max of 1/8000. At first I thought it was a faulty circuit board in the housing and sent it back to Subal who checked it out and told me it was working fine. I then connected both my D300 and D3s to the strobes and hot shoe connection, as soon as the strobe ready light came on the shutter speed on both cameras were limited to 1/320 & 1/250 respectively. (Should have done this before the return to Subal I know) I've also contacted Nikon Technical support but they're flummoxed too, and really only consider problems with their own brand of speed lights attached, which incidentally work as they should. So here are the questions Is it a Nikon D800 trait in a Subal? Have I inadvertently messed up in the menu somewhere? Is the camera faulty? HELP !!!
  9. Hey Adam, I'm really interested to know how the camera performs in 1.5 crop mode with a Tokina 10-17 or how the images taken in FX with the 10-17 and cropped post production come out. Have you plans to include this in the camera test? (if not would a pretty please work?) Best Nige
  10. Nice one Mark, I really enjoyed watching that, thanks for sharing
  11. I'm sure JB's Sausage isn't as impressive as he makes out Merry Xmas Nige
  12. Really pleased to get the cover of January's Diver Magazine plus editorial as part of the Holiday destinations 2012. "No Shoes, No News" is a trip report from Athuruga Island, Ari Atoll, Maldives. It's a nice start to 2012. I hope it continues Nige Wade
  13. You're dead right Tim there is a lot more to it Nige
  14. PADI have launched their own version of a Solo diver course, "Self Reliant Diver" as a distinct speciality. I was fortunate enough to get an exclusive for Diver Magazine and become the first UK diver to qualify. Published in the August edition Nige Wade
  15. Hey Don Must have missed this thread when you first posted it ........ But I'm glad I've found it now !!! Simply bloody AWESOME!!!!! Thanks for sharing you've inspired me (yet again) Nice work you Nige Wade
  16. Nice one Paul, the double page tiger is awesome. If you haven't already, email George Lanham [george@divermag.co.uk] and ask him to send you the layout as a PDF. Good to have for your archives. Really enjoyed the read as well. Nige Wade
  17. Diver Magazine's Aging scribe is 64 today. I know you all thought he was a lot older. At just 64 he needs a Pegasus Thruster to help him out in some situations Happy Birthday John hope you have a good-un Nige Wade
  18. Nice ..... Really Nice!! Just read the trip report, that's a definate "must-do" in the near future. Thanks for sharing Stew and a belated happy 40th birthday. Nige
  19. Looks like a busy trip Stew Nige Wade
  20. Some of the best I've seen from you Jeff, the skin tones and aqua lipstick on 2&3 are awesome Bendi Benji is a natural. Nige Wade
  21. Will, Make sure you have a current CRB check done to cover your ass, working with infants in the UK is a definate "no-no" without one. Getting good skin tones is your goal, three strobes may well over expose them, also try using small apertures (f10 +) to get the exposures you need. Babies tire very quickly in the pool, you'll need to be on top of your game and get it right first time, getting some practice in first with an adult model may prove time well spent. Good luck big guy, see you at Bsoup and let me know how it went over a pint. Nige Wade
  22. Fantastic shots Nicholas, Kudos to you. Love the Jelly, what equipment and settings did you use? Nige Wade
  23. Hey Moose, The problem with jumping in with the camera is that when your body enters the water it creates a big hole which is quickly filled with the water you've displaced. In fact the hole is closed with quite a lot of force which causes uneven pressure around the O rings. (The O rings create a seal by spreading out evenly under pressure), leaks can and do happen in these circumstances. Without doubt the best way to avoid this is to have the rig passed to you after you're in the water. If this isn't an option, one way to avoid the pressure wave is to hold the rig above your head lean forward placing it gently in the water then follow it face first. It isn't very dignified but it works a treat. A friend of mine does it all the time after having a member of crew hand him his rig whist holding it by the domeport which then became un-screwed and caused it to drop off. Ruined his week. I've also seen divers suspend their rig with a five foot lanyard, lower it in the water then jump to one side of it, the lanyard is then removed rolled up and put into a BC pocket. By holding the rig by your chest and doing a backward roll you put the camera exactly where the water smashes back to fill the hole so this method should be avoided at all costs. I hope this helps Nige Wade
  24. Awesome stuff Todd I'm looking forward to seeing it in print, looks very challenging diving, the images I've seen really capture and convey the atmosphere. Nige Wade
  25. Been a long time fan of your work Cal, This latest batch is fantastic especially the first one, I just love the symetry. Nice one you Nige Wade
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