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  1. Hello everyone! I have the following for sale for $950: Nikon D300 - lightly used in like new condition - Battery charger and 2 batteries - 18-55 lens Ikelite Housing - lightly used in like new condition - On tray with two handles, bolt snap, and retractor - Oring in excellent shape, seals perfectly 8” Ikelite Dome Port - lightly used in like new condition 1 Ikelite Optical Cable for use with strobe Please feel free to contact me with any questions: covington.d@gmail.com or 305-301-9115 Best, Derek
  2. Welcome from a fellow Floridian! BHB is the best.
  3. Hello everyone! My name is Derek, and I live in Gainesville, Florida. I enjoy shooting all types of underwater subjects, but am particularly fond of photographing our beautiful cave systems here in North Florida. Cheers, Derek
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