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  1. I'm getting ready to order the Ikelite housing for my Canon 5D and I've got a question with regards to the domeport I should get. I currently have the 16-35 Canon lens, and will start with that (I'm already way over budget with regards to toys!). Most of my diving is on wrecks in the St Lawrence River, and very soon I'll get the Canon 14mm wide angle. According to the Ikelite website, the 16-35mm can use: - 6" domeport (#5503.55) or - 8" domeport (#5510.81) neither is listed as "recommended" Now that putative 14mm can also use - 6" (#5503.50 - note the difference in part number!) or -8" (#5510.82 ) which is recommended. I'm inclined to go for the 8" dome port. The difference between 5510.81 and .82 is the body. Therefore, my questions are basically: - which is the better domeport for the 16-35? The 6" or 8"? - can I get away with using the same 8" domeport body for the two lenses or will I need one of each? WSDiver Pointe des Cascades, Quebec, CANADA
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