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  1. FS RX100 MK 1 camera, Nauticam Housing and tray, INON wide lens w/dome, INON macro lens, INON mega float Camera Carry pouch 3x battery chargers 4x batteries Misc cords Nauticam NA-RX100 housing Spare O-Rings Flex tray II w/handles and double ball mount Nauticam LCD viewer INON medium mega float 2x clamps 2x LD lens holders 2x LDF to M67 lens adapters M67 to LD lens adapters INON UCL-100LD macro lens INON UWL-100 28LD wide lens w/dome 67mm red filter - fits housing or macro lens 105mm red filter - fits wide lens w/o dome installed $1,000 USD + actual shipping cost from Michigan. PayPal accepted.
  2. excellent condition only worn on 10 dives. It didnt fit my wife properly, and couldnt be returned because it had been used. Pinnacle Womens Siren merino lined wetsuit 7mm Size is XL $150 + actual shipping USD.
  3. I'm just learning to use the 60mm lens w/my GH5 camera. First dive I put the focus limit switch to .19-infinity. This setting allowed great versatility (up close macro, or larger subjects from 2-3m away). Unfortunately in this position, the lens/camera tended to focus on the furthest item in the field of view. For example, when trying to focus on a small fish that was up close, the camera/lens would focus on a fan coral in the background. I could manually work around the issue by focusing the camera on my hand then moving the camera to focus on an object, but that was a pain. I eventually put switch to the .19-.4 position, and resigned myself to not being able to focus outside that range. I'm wondering if there is a way to program the limit switch function in the camera.
  4. I've recently upgraded from a RX100 to a GH5 and I am looking for some advice on choosing the right tripod legs. My primary interest is a tripod that is stable for use in macro or CFWA on sandy/muck bottom. I don't think I need a tall tripod, or the ability to pan. I also don't want the addition of tripod legs to turn my setup into an anchor. Lastly, I expect to be able to fold/stow the legs under the housing when they aren't deployed. My rig is set up with a 60mm macro/flat port/Inon UCL165 for macro and a 180mm glass dome/Oly 7-14 for WA. I have two YS-D1 strobes with carbon float arms and a iTorchPro6+ focus light. In my RX100 set up, my rig was just slightly negative - maybe 25g. I'm working to achieve similar buoyancy in my new setup - I can get there with each lens arrangement with the proper combination of float arms. The trouble I have is the addition of tripod legs to the GH5 tripod ball mounts- There are obviously many choices out there - fixed length strobe arms, adjustable length legs from UClS, Xit 404, and Inon, etc. or flexible Lockine or Gorrilapod. The flexible choices don't seem stable enough and the adjustable length choices seem like they'd be heavy. Looking for input/advice. What are others using? Is adjustable leg length important? Is there a minimum negative bouyancy I should shoot for to keep the rig stable? Thanks,
  5. Hello, Long time reader of Wetpixel, but recently signed up so I can post some questions. I've been diving for about 10 years, and practicing underwater photography for about 5. I've recently upgraded from a RX100 to a GH5 and looking for some advice. Thanks,
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