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  1. Brine Shrimp, yes I bought a set of dead batteries and lights from a forum member. I cut open the dead batteries and replaced the cell. Now working good as new. I would still like to buy one more dead battery as I now have 3 good ones...
  2. And if anyone wants to try, you can cut open battery pack. Remove old cells. Replace with new cells. Requires soldering and a little electrical tape. Cells for one battery are about $25. I would be glad to rebuild 2 for someone if they have a third I can rebuild for me....
  3. I had same problem and re-built the batteries. Because it was a learning experience, I messed the battery case up pretty bad on the first one. The second one was a breeze. Both work great, charge fine, last over an hour on brightest setting. I would like to get another set to re-make #1. Let me know if interested in selling any spare old ones that are not needed.
  4. Mine are NiMh. They are from approximately 2008. I believe that light and motion made the same form factor in Li-Ion.
  5. Hi, I have a set of Sunray 2000x lights. I am looking for dead batteries (or working batteries). Also, I am looking for parts fro one of the lights. It has flooded and PCB is damaged. If you have dead batteries, I can repair or show you how I did. As Light and motion no longer sells or supports. Parts (cells) to rebuild are about $30..... Thanks
  6. Hi, looking for used light and motion Sunray 2000x batteries. Dead batteries are fine. I can rebuild. Also looking for a single light, can be working or not. Thanks
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