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  1. Hi all. Just wanting to find out if anyone knows of any recommended english-speaking dive operators out of Izu Peninsula in Japan. Thanks for the help! Ethan
  2. Hi All. If you're in San Francisco this Friday evening, June 4th and you're interested in Whales, Jellies, and Beer please come and drop by Ethan Daniels' photo exhibit at the Gallery del Grotto in the basement level of the Bryant Street Sports Basement from 6-8pm. The reception will include multimedia from Ethan's latest trips to Cape Cod, the Dominican Republic, Micronesia, and Indonesia, as well as a lot of free beer and wine. Ethan will also be signing his brand spanking new book, Under Cape Cod Waters, published by Union Park Press in May 2010. Hope to see you there! Ocean Photo Exhibition, June 4th San Francisco Under Cape Cod Waters, Union Park Press 2010
  3. Thanks Allison and I appreciate your nerdiness! I'd also appreciate your contact info there in SoCal. I'm new at microphotography, as is rather obvious, but I'm hoping to shoot things such as crustacean larvae, fish larvae, coral larvae, etc. So, I won't need a huge amount of magnification. Whatever the case, thanks again for your input! Ethan
  4. They're the only things that don't swim away!
  5. Very nice, unusual shot Alex and good luck! Thanks for the plug! Ethan
  6. Hi again. Sticking with the microscopic photography subject and shooting zooplankton, I'm hoping that someone has advice on a type/brand of microscope to buy that is around $1000 or under. Bill, maybe you know of a few? The adapters for Canon dSLRs you suggested in the last thread are just the right thing. Ethan
  7. Thanks much Bill. This is exactly the info I was looking for. Ethan
  8. Hi all. I'm interested in shooting plankton and wondering if anyone regularly uses a Canon dSLR for shooting through microscopes. If so, are there microscope adapters for Canon dSLRs that can be found at places like edmundoptics or somewhere like that? Thanks in advance for any help with what adapters are available and where they can be found! Ethan
  9. Hi all. I'm interested in shooting plankton and wondering if anyone regularly uses a Canon dSLR shooting through microscopes. If so, are there microscope adapters for Canon dSLRs that can be found at places like edmundoptics or somewhere like that? Thanks in advance for any help! Ethan
  10. Hi All. Can anyone suggest a reliable place to have a Sea & Sea YS-120 strobe repaired, preferably on the west coast? The strobe works, but shoots only full power no matter what setting it's on. Thanks! Ethan
  11. By the way, an image of the pygmy pipehorse from Cabilao can be found at: Oceanstockimages Edited by Mod: embedded image
  12. Hi folks. Just returned from a trip to Cabilao Island in the Philippines and our guides, who were amazing, found a pair of what I'm fairly sure are pygmy pipehorses (Kyonemichthys rumengani). As far as I've been able to discern, the species has previously only been known from Sulawesi. Does anyone know if they have been found anywhere else in the coral triangle? Fishbase.org does not have much info on it and the paper describing the species, by Martin Goman, only lists Sulawesi. Thanks! Ethan
  13. Dear Divers, We are pleased to announce the opportunity for you to participate in the exploration of the Philippine seascape with veteran guides and marine biologists Ethan Daniels and Geoff Cook. As you may know, the islands of the Philippines host some of the world’s highest recorded levels of marine biological diversity. Part of the renowned Coral Triangle, the Philippines is home to thousands of fish and invertebrate species making it one of the most revered diving destinations in the world. Our Philippine Diving Expedition provides you with the unique chance to appreciate a variety of marine ecosystems with a focus on the spectacular coral reefs of the Central Visayas region. This 8 day/9 night trip, based from the tropical comfort of the Polaris Beach and Dive Resort on Cabilao Island, opens the door for you to explore one of the world’s most ecologically dynamic marine regions. The trip is limited to only 12 participants and we only have 4 spots remaining! The cost of $2,075.00 (without EANx) or $2,195.00 (with EANx) is based on double occupancy and does not include airfare. Your expedition leaders, Geoff and Ethan, together have over 20 years of guiding experience as well as intimate knowledge of coral reef ecology, dive instruction, photography, and the marine fauna of the tropical Indo-West Pacific. Each day we will explore the best dive sites around Cabilao, Olango, and Balicasag Islands in search of scenic reefs, schooling hammerheads, frogfish, stargazers, ghost pipefish, sea moths, velvetfish, and much, much more. In addition to diving there will be ample time to snorkel, beach comb, and explore the islands relaxed surroundings. Complementing the itinerary of dives will be your leaders’ insightful evening presentations on topics in marine ecology, reef conservation, and underwater photography. We hope you can join us on this sensational diving adventure in December 2009! If you are interested please contact Ethan or Geoff as soon as possible! ethanadaniels at gmail.com (oceanstockimages.com) or geoffreymcook@yahoo.com
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