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  1. Yes, this item is still available. I don't dive anymore and completely forgot about following up any inquiries regarding this item.
  2. Price reduced... $700 USD plus shipping
  3. Price reduced... $1200 USD plus shipping
  4. Price reduced.... $800 plus shipping
  5. These strobes have only been used on 8 dive trips and work perfectly. When not used, the batteries have been properly maintained. The package includes 2 s6 cabels and rechargers for the batteries as well as diffusers. I paid $5942 USD and I am asking $2500 USD. I will accept PayPal and the buyer must pay for shipping. Please enquire further for photos.
  6. I have used this viewfinder on 8 dive trips and it is in excellent condition with no scratches/imperfections on the glass. I paid $1675 USD and will sell it for $900 plus shipping costs.
  7. This housing is like new as it was only used on eight dive trips. Asking $2300 USD. I also have the Seacam S10 viewfinder that looks brands new. Asking $1000 USD. Housing and the viewfinder can be seen in the attached photo.
  8. Due to a severe back injury and forthcoming surgery, my diving days are likely over. Unfortunately, I have a very well maintained and only moderately used Seacam setup. Everything was purchased new in May 2014 and was used on 8 dive trips. The preference is not to sell items separately. The setup include ports and extensions for 3 lenses that I used - Canon 100m macro f/2.8 IS USM, Canon 16-35mm f/2.8 L II, and Sigma 15mm f/2.8 EX DG fisheye. What is included: Seacam silver Canon 5d mkiii housing Seacam S10 viewfinder Seacam Microport (macro port for Canon 100mm macro lens) Seacam Port extension (for the 100mm lens) Seacam Fisheye Microport (special built for Sigma 15mm f2.8 lens) ** will sell the Sigma lens as well if it is wanted Seacam Zoom Lens Gear (For Canon 16-35 ii usm lens) ** will also sell the 16-35 Canon lens if wanted 2 Seacam Seaflash 150 Digital TTL with diffuser (including two batteries and strobe cable) 2 additional spare Seaflash 150 digital batteries 1 backup s6 strobe cable 2 Flash arm base 50 4 ULCS DB-08 8 inch double ball arms 3 ULCS 8MM head adapters for seacam strobes I also have a Think Tank Airport International roller that i pack my housing, strobes, cables, batteries, solo lights, ports and other accessories. This roller is in excellent condition and I would also sell this as well if wanted. All equipment (excluding lenses and Think Tank roller) was purchased new for over $20,000 USD. As many of you know, the quality of Seacam products is unrivalled and this setup includes everything you need to go on your next dive photo trip. The price for the above items (excluding lenses/roller bag) is $7000 USD not including shipping. I WILL SELL ITEMS INDIVIDUALLY SO PLEASE CONTACT ME IF INTERESTED. (note: the Superdome in the photo has been sold)
  9. The Superdome has been sold. I am dropping the price now to $9500 USD for the rest of the setup. I am also open to selling the items individually.
  10. Again, I couldn't find the specific name of this fish.
  11. I can't find this fellow in the identification books. Can someone help identify?
  12. I am unsure if I have the proper identification. Can someone confirm?
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