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  1. Thanks everyone. You guys are quick. I have the insulating plate on the way as we speak!
  2. I have two DS125 strobes that are new enough to support ttl. My old Ike housing for the D70 didn't have the ttl circuitry so I always used them manually. Now I have the D300 and just got a Sea and Sea housing. I went with the two single Ike cords that go from the Sea and Sea housing to Ike strobes. I opted not to get the ttl converter. My camera shutter will not work when I turn the strobes on. I get the error message on the camera "optional flash unit that does not support i-TTL flash control attached and set to TTL. Solution: Change flash mode setting on optional flash unit (page 360) The camera will work if I turn the strobes off. I found the above on page 390 in the D300 manual. Is there a camera setting I need to change? Did I get the wrong cords? I got Ike 4104.6. Am I required to get the converter to make the strobes work? The strobes worked with my D300 Ike housing (while I briefly owned it) and old cords. I did not use the ttl circuitry with it, and operated the strobes manually. Thanks, Angie
  3. Sorry, no pic right now. I'm swamped. It's the double try. Check the link below. It's the tray on top. http://www.backscatter.com/HostedStore.Las...=Ascending&
  4. I just purchased this housing and find it difficult to use because of my small hands and fingers. It has only been wet 4 times and looks new. In fact, the handles were never used as I put my ULCS handles on it. The housing comes with everything you would get from a new purchase (all parts, original box, paperwork, etc.) plus an extra zoom gear and an extra new set of housing and port rings. $1200.00 OBO. including shipping. Also for sale: 2 ULCS handles $30 each. 1 ULCS tray $45 Ikelite slr flat port #5505.58 $50 8" dome port by Aquatica for Ikelite, no shade, good condition. $100 You can check my Ebay feedback under Amazz321
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