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  1. I know it’s been a long time - any chance you still want one?
  2. US seller, California based, I believe. No, it was less than ten, but not zero. They had a few other inexpensive used items for sale that looked legitimate, and the price wasn’t “too good to be true.” Nothing really from concierge on avoiding it, they seemed somewhat surprised as it was happening. From me, I’d just say go for sellers with good feedback records between time and count, and stay on top of the email updates.
  3. What did you end up doing? I tried the 3D printed sea and sea version, and it was okay, but I ended up finding a good deal on the Retra LSD. . I prefer wide angle, so maybe that’s why, but I find snoot work to nearly be a two-person job.
  4. Hi all, I’ve been shopping around for a camera upgrade, and came across a new scam method on eBay. I bought an item, and the seller almost immediately added shipping information. To my surprise, the item showed it was already delivered to my zip code, two days prior. I tried to immediately contact the seller, but they didn’t answer. Within an hour, I got a notification that there was a problem with my transaction - and the message seemed like I initiated the issue (I did not). I’ve been an eBay member a long time, so I immediately contacted eBay concierge by phone. While I was on the phone, and the agent was trying to figure out what was going on, the seller escalated the case to eBay for review. eBay quickly came back and said since there was tracking information, and the item was delivered, they decided the case in the seller’s favor, and I wasn’t eligible for a refund (!!!). Fortunately, the agent on the phone saw this and heard my story, while it was all unfolding. She was able to reverse the decision, and flag the seller’s account. Buyer beware. If the seller waited a few days, I might’ve had a much more difficult case to argue!
  5. If you still have it and you're interested in splitting up, I would be interested in the Nikonos adapter and maybe the metabones too.
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